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Belly Fat Code Overview

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This is a labor of love and has been a labor of love for quite some time.  I’ve been thinking about this for years and it’s been a process that I have been not only experiencing but working through as well. Several years ago, I found myself struggling with unexplained weight gain which led to belly fat. I really needed to take a deep dive as to what was going on with my body and what was causing belly fat. So, because of this, I have spent the past few years working towards reversing what was going on.  Let me tell you, nothing is more frustrating than doing ALL the right things and NOTHING is working!  So… If this sounds like you, keep reading because we are going to take a deep dive into my new program called Cracking The Belly Fat Code and if you are someone who is looking to get rid of belly fat, then this is for you!


Who is this coaching program for?
This coaching program is really for women over 40 to tackle belly fat.  This group program isn’t a one size fits all thing either! Everyone is different and going through their own thing.  So, you will learn how you can apply this information to your life and how you can take it based on what is going on with you in your life!  This is not for everyone. This is for the women who have gotten results in the past but hit 40 and their body is like NOPE!!

I do know you will get results with this; I cannot guarantee it will be 2 weeks or 2 months, but I know that by working together over the 12 weeks, you are going to develop amazing habits that will lead to routines and that is where you are going to find effortless weight loss and the belly fat will dissipate. Then… you’ll understand how to navigate your life! This is what cracking the belly fat code is.

I am taking only 50 women on this 12-week coaching program designed to go through my 3-step framework, help them better understand their attitude toward weight loss, and how to prepare for staying on the course because shit does go wrong! And then we will learn how to consistently apply your effort for life!  We will be together for 90 days, but you will have the plan for day 91 and day 201.

I want this to be a small intimate container, I always work with small groups. I don’t ever want you to feel like another image on a zoom screen or another name in a Facebook group trying to get my attention.  I limited this group size so that every woman feels seen and supported through this journey.  I want it to be, so you feel like I know you!

How the program works!
When you are accepted into the belly fat code, there will be an intake form. By doing this, I can understand what it is you are trying to accomplish. You will learn what the curriculum is, and I will make sure to weave that information you gave me into the curriculum, so that way we know where you are now and the different information you want to learn during our time together.  We’ll create a personal plan for you based on the curriculum and that way you can benefit from personal coaching as well as the group environment. Every member who is a part of the group will get one 20-minute call a month with me and you will get 3 of them throughout the program.

In cracking the belly fat code you are going to interact with me in 4 different ways!
1. Through our kick-off call.
2. Each month we are going to have 1-on-1 calls. – But you don’t have to wait for next month’s calls to go over your goals, your successes, what worked, and what didn’t….
3. You will have access to the Facebook group, or you can shoot me an email whenever you need to.
4. We will have weekly calls to work through the monthly module that we are working on. Where we can go over questions at the end of calls or you can put them on Facebook or email!

Each month we will do a focus based on the belly fat curriculum. The 3 pillars of the belly fat code.

Pillar One – Our Choices.
Our choice starts with our mindset and there are different types of mindsets. Do you have the mindset that this is how life is supposed to be, this is how life is?  Or do you have a rigid mindset, and you have to do it a certain way… this is how it has to be.  We have to look at those mindsets and how they affect our choices. We have to respect our roadblocks and figure out what are some of the things that always pop up for us when we start something.  (Work? Kids? Schedule? Sports? Aging parents?) What pops up so we can have this IF-THEN thinking?

If you don’t have a good mindset, whatever strategy I give you won’t work. Focus on that mindset and then work into the choices.

What are the choices you are making with food? How does your food have to change as we move into this 40-something body? – Always making sure we are not hungry, have great energy, cravings in check, mood great, and sleeping like a champ!

What are your choices around exercising? Have you been doing the same exercises for decades? Maybe some of you are good at exercising and others are just like I can’t do it the same as I did in my 30s and 40s.  Where do you prioritize your time when it comes to exercise? Are you on the other side of this and overtraining and your body just doesn’t want to deliver?

How is your stress? I was a recovering stress ball, so I have been there.  Let’s look at the ways that we can manage our stress throughout the day. And are you sleeping? This can go hand in hand with stress.  Stress management and sleep are 2 of the low-hanging fruits for a lot of people.

Pillar Two – Code
This is where we start to create strong habits. These are realistic habits for YOU! Not should habits.  This is a change of behavior and without behavior change, nothing else matters. Can you do this for 30 days? Can you do this for longer?  This is where we will begin to create and focus on the processes that will ultimately drive the behaviors we are seeking.

Pillar Three – Our Non-negotiables.
Creating your non-negotiables in life so that no matter where I am in life, we don’t have to focus on “dieting”. It’s just something I do. Many of you know I have 3 non-negotiables. Move my body for 30 minutes a day, eat a big ass salad every day – gets me my fiber and protein and I get 7 hours of sleep every night.

We have to make them so simple and easy so that I can put them into my life easily!! I want to work on commitment and consistency with you guys! It’s the piece where everyone is like IT’LL COME! I’ll do it! I’ll just use willpower! I’ll just use motivation!

Here is where we start to figure out what is going on. I want to look at 90-day chunks and see what is going on each month. Are you traveling? Is it the holidays? Maybe it’s not a good time for you? How do you honor your health without tapping out? If I do stumble, how do I learn from that failure? How do I ultimately make this lifestyle a healthy routine?  How do you scale back if you come to me with this all-or-nothing routine? Because we don’t need to do all the things at once. Think of it as the tortoise and the hare! I would rather you be tortoises than hares! Slow and steady wins the race!

What you get!
Each week we will meet as a group and go over some piece of the curriculum as well as incorporate many of the things you brought to me. This is what I am trying to achieve over the course of the 90 days so I can say “Okay, this is how you will apply it to this!”  That way you can see where you can plug in some of the holes in your process.

At the end of each weekly call, I am available for personal coaching. I am here to help support you as you go through this, plus any questions you may have about the curriculum or anything else that may be happening in your life.  This is my path of the separate 1-on-1 calls.

I will alternate days of the week for the group calls so as many of you can hop on the live as possible, but of course, the calls will always be recorded and available in your private portal so you can watch them when you have time!

I then give you access to a private Facebook group, but if you don’t have Facebook that’s okay.  You can access me through this app called Volley where you can leave voice messages or videos for me as well. And of course, I am always available via email!

Then on top of all of this, you will have access to my Fit Girl Magic Society. My monthly group coaching program. I have recipes in there, workouts, a monthly podcast, and some monthly challenges. So, you will have access to that on top of this entire program!

If this sounds amazing, enrollment starts November 7th! Be sure to start to apply for the program then so that you don’t miss out!  And if you are reading this past our start date, be sure to just add yourself to my waitlist for our next round of this which will be in the Spring of 2023!


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