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Beyond Calories: Demystifying Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar

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Welcome to the Fit Girl Magic podcast! In this episode, Today’s guest Shana Hussin, a registered dietitian with over 23 years of experience discusses blood sugar control and its impact on overall health. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of insulin resistance, metabolic health, and the journey to finding a sustainable approach to eating.

1. Understanding the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster:
Shana explains to us on the detrimental effects of processed, high-carbohydrate, and sugar-laden foods on our blood sugar levels. These foods not only lead to addiction but also cause spikes in blood sugar levels, resulting in insulin release. The typical American breakfast foods, often mistaken as healthy options, can actually be as sugary as desserts, setting us up for a day of blood sugar roller coasters.

2. The Power of Protein and Low-Carb First Meals:
Shana reveals the importance of starting your day with a high-protein, low-carb meal to stabilize blood sugar levels. Comparing an omelet with a fruit smoothie or oatmeal, she highlights how the omelet keeps us fuller for longer, leading to reduced cravings and sustained energy levels.

3. Exploring Intermittent Fasting:
She shares personal experiences of transitioning from the conventional five-meals-a-day approach to embracing intermittent fasting and witnessing incredible changes in her health and well-being. Shana emphasizes that while intermittent fasting may not be for everyone, it offers flexibility and allows individuals to find an eating pattern that aligns with their unique needs.

4. Unveiling Metabolic Health:
Shana emphasizes that metabolic health is a multifaceted concept, extending beyond simple measures like weight and BMI. She introduces key tests, such as fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1C, and fasting insulin, that can provide insights into blood sugar regulation and overall metabolic health. Surprisingly, fasting insulin tests are often overlooked, despite being a cost-effective tool for detecting insulin resistance.

5. Navigating Hormonal Changes:
As women transition through perimenopause and menopause, their insulin sensitivity may decrease due to shifting hormone levels. Shana unpacks the significance of adjusting eating habits during this phase, emphasizing the benefits of a lower-carb, higher-protein approach to support blood sugar regulation and hormonal balance.

6. The Journey to Healing:
Shana shares her personal journey of navigating diet culture, developing her own health issues, and her frustration with the conventional approach to healing. Her shift to a more holistic perspective fueled her passion for insulin resistance and metabolic health, leading her to witness transformative results in her own life and the lives of her clients.

On this episode of Fit Girl Magic, we explored the fascinating realm of blood sugar control, insulin resistance, and metabolic health. Shana’s insights highlight the importance of adopting a personalized approach to eating that aligns with our body’s unique needs and promotes sustainable well-being. Whether it’s intermittent fasting, fueling with protein and low-carb meals, or proactively monitoring blood sugar levels, there are endless possibilities to optimize our health and live our most vibrant lives.

Tune in to the Fit Girl Magic podcast for more eye-opening discussions on fitness, nutrition, and empowering journeys to well-being. Be sure to check out Shana’s free webinar for a deeper exploration of recommended tests for metabolic health and practical guidance on interpretation. Let’s unlock our Fit Girl Magic together!

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