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Does Binge Eating Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid’

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There have been plenty of times when you sit down to just have one and then the next thing you know that bag is empty. I’ve been there. Just because we have one slip up doesn’t mean you weight loss efforts are doomed. I know first hand that binge eating can make you feel stupid.

The key to finding a balanced and healthy weight loss plan is properly managing what you eat. Sounds simple right” To do this, you need to monitor the nutritional values of the foods that you put into your body and to make sure you don’t go overboard by eating way more than you should. Again sounds so simple right” Let’s be honest with each other a few slips here and there won’t break up all the hard work you’ve put into your healthy lifestyle. What is an absolute diet killer is binge eating. One of the biggest problems with binge eating is that, while it’s happening we don’t even realize that it’s happening. If you worry you’re at risk for binge eating or just want to become aware of when it’s happening, here are a few tips.

Binge eating isn’t healthy – physically or mentally. Here are tips to help.

First things first, don’t give yourself access to binge/trigger foods. These are the foods that we can eat and eat. Think about the goldfish, it can eat its weight in food and then literally explode because it doesn’t have the food shut off value. Think to yourself for a minute do you have any foods that you are unable to control” For many of us, the big offenders are chips, crackers, candies just about anything that comes in super size. For me its ice cream, I can so go gold fish on that stuff. If you’re really serious about staying away from binge eating and sticking with a healthy lifestyle then just don’t allow yourself access to these kinds of foods or keep them in your home. You can’t eat what you don’t have, right’

If you don’t live in a space where you can control your access to binge foods (family members, kids, roommates etc.) then you should shift your focus towards good portioning habits. Portioning is one of the key points of good nutrition management and this goes double for snacks. If you want to have a snack that you know can be unhealthy if it gets out of control, buy in proportioned packaging. This way you won’t hit the bottom of the bag and wonder what happened. Just make sure not to go overboard and have more than one snack serving at a time.

The greatest protection against binge eating is remaining vigilant against it. Like I said before, bingeing is also referred to as mindless snacking which can’t happen if you’re paying close attention to the foods you’re buying and eating. You can’t accidentally eat a whole bag of chips or box of donuts if you’re making sure to monitor and track all the things you’re eating. Your own level of focus is the best guard you have against the dangers of binge eating. With that said, I’m not saying become OBSSESED about food but aware of what you are putting into your shopping cart and what you are putting into your mouth. Are you choices moving you toward your fitness goal’

At the end of the day, persistence in your drive to reach your weight loss goals. Even if you find yourself slipping or notice that you’ve binged on snacks that doesn’t mean your diet is over and you should give up. All it means is you made a small slip up and you have to be more careful next time, something you’ll be sure to do after you’ve recognized what lead to your binge eating in the first place.


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