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Why Does This Blog Exist’

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I started this blog in 2008 when I was actively competing as a way to keep me sane =). I also wanted to share the nutrition and fitness information I was getting by competing. I kim jefferson before pic was lucky to find a fitness mentor who was patience with me and answered all my questions. I asked a TON!!! I also wanted to be able to do the same thing through my blog. I get it, I read the magazines and watch the shows and it’s CONFUSING!!! My goal was to bust myths and give clear information about health and fitness.  I also wanted to sprinkle in some of my own stories so you realized that even though I know stuff, I still struggle. To the left is my pic in January — let’s just say I had a great holiday season!! I’m human not an alien!! Yes.. I go on vacation and although I try my best I do give into temptation — aka ice cream and a few glasses of vino!!

Through the years my blog has evolved and my main audience are women over 40 who are looking to get their groove back. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been a Mom, on the corporate treadmill or just haven’t had the time to take care of you!! One day you wake up and put your pants on and Mother of pearl they don’t fit. I wear gym clothes 80% of the time this past January when I went to put on my dress pants from August, boy was I in for a big surprise. So.. I get I understand when you just look at your body and you are like how the HELL DID I GET HERE!!  My hope is that my blog provides answers as well as solutions.

I just joined a 30 day blog challenge and over the next 30 days I’m going to not only challenge myself in the gym, but I’m going to challenge myself by writing a blog post for the next 30 days.

Thank you in advance for joining me on my adventure. Who knows where it will lead’

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