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Are Your Living Rules Affecting Your Progress

I am going there today. I am going there about food AND fitness obsessions. I wanted to talk about this because I know many women have experienced this OR maybe going through it right now, OR you are thinking about if you may have a bit of an obsession with this. It’s ok though… It’s ok to acknowledge that you are in this season of obsession. It’s ok to acknowledge ...
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Are You Ready For A Mindset Overhaul?

Today’s podcast is all about making a mindset overhaul. My hopes is that you can take a piece of this, a piece of my experiences and lessons I have learned with you.  I am hopeful that the lessons I learned in my overhaul and how I changed my mindset are applicable to you and can help you on your journey.  The journey of mindset is a tricky one and our ...
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Yes You Can Learn To Eat Intuitively

Intuitive eating… It’s not something we hear all that often in the diet world because it’s, not some fad diet or way of restricting, it’s more of a way to HEAL your relationship with food.   Intuitive eating is a way for you to stop dieting, stop crazy restrictions, rules, and guidelines for eating, and start paying attention to your body, what it needs, and your hunger signals.  By doing this, ...
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How to Really Start To Use Accountability For Your Health

I wanted to talk to you about something I hear far too often from people and it is something that is holding them back from pretty much everything! And that is, “If I had more discipline I would be able to do……..”  There is SOOO much that we hang our hats on with DISCIPLINE and I totally get it.  Between 2020, what a freaking year, and all of the distractions ...
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The Secrets To Tracking Your Food | 79

If you listen to me or read my blogs at all, you know I ALWAYS mention food tracking.  It’s like that one family member at the holidays that we just don’t want to be around, but we HAVE invite them because they are family. That is food tracking. Most of us don’t want anything to do with it and it's the last part of getting healthy you want to take ...
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Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Talking To Their Daughter About Dieting

Guys… I L O V E when I resonate with someone.  And when I do, I know deep down it is someone that I need to talk to and its someone that you guys need to know about!  This is how I felt when I found Gabi Kahn on Instagram.  She was saying things like SHE WAS IN MY HEAD; she was spewing the truth that I would say,  and ...
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To Women Who Want To Lose Weight But Can’t’ Get Started

Today, I am taking you behind the scenes today on what goes into coaching my magic makers!! If I am working with a client, how do I help you find your inner magic?  What are the steps?  It took me a while for myself to put it into words, but these are the same steps I took myself to come through to where I am today.  These are the steps ...
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Why Ignoring Diet and Focusing on Exercise is a Mistake for Weight Loss

Do you exercise? If you do, that's great. Most people don't. With the “busyness” of life we are more sedentary and less physically active than at probably any other time in history. Given what know about the Corona virus, we see it playing out on many who have higher rates of obesity and other metabolic disorders. Now more than any other time in history we need to focus on working ...
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5 Tips For Working Out When You Have No Motivation

What motivates humans to repeatedly do something that we might not even like to do? Like working out? That is a question I get all the time. I want to work out but I’m so not motivated to do so. To get into action, focus on something simple that you know you will do. It could be as simple as walking around the block. If you tell yourself you lack ...
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