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M. Love Testimonial

I have tried personal training before but have never been able to stick with it.  I felt frustrated by the routines the trainers had me on.  Often they were boring and focused only on the big muscles.  My experience with Kim has been totally different!  I look forward to my sessions with her.  She is super fun and very down to earth. She also knows an incredible amount about the ...
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You Have Time For Breakfast

I'm done hearing from my clients, I'm too busy to eat breakfast or  to lose weight you have to skip a meal or two.  When I hear that shivers literally go down my spine and I try to control the look of disapproval on my face. You have been sleeping for hopefully 8 hours.  Your body is STARVING, it needs to fuel to get your day started! Here's something to ...
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Organic Foods

Since the early 90's organic food sales have increased by 20% each year and its not estimated the organic food market is more than $23 billion . There has been an organic movement for the past forty years, but in 1990 the government stepped in to regulate the organic market. In 1990, the Organic Food Production Act was established. The board set up to monitor adherence to the Production as ...
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Fats — What You Need To Know

During the 90's it was all about no-fat or low fat.The millennium ushered in a bunch of new names, for fat. ·Saturated Unsaturated Heart healthy Good fat Bad fat Essential fatty acids (EFAs) Omega 3 Omega 6 Fat got a bad reputation in the 90's and we now need to unlearn all the bad things we heard about fats. If it wasn't for fats, Our cells would have no membranes ...
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What is a Fat?

For the past few years many people have tried a high protein diet to lose weight.  We have been told or read that protein would help you lose weight. Well, what is protein? Proteins are essential nutrients and are found within every part of the body including hair, skin and muscle.  Our bodies use protein to build, repair and maintain tissues.  Protein can also be found in antibodies, enzymes, and ...
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What is a Carb?

Over the past few years, we have heard so much hype about CARBS.  Good carbs  Bad carbs High glycemic carbs Low glycemic carbs Complex carbs Simple carbs Is your head still spinning?  Let’s take a step back and look at carbohydrates and understand how to best incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. Carbohydrate = energy They are typically found in plants, fruits, vegetables and grains.  Energy, aka carbohydrates, come in 2 ...
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