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What Every Women Needs to Know About Toxic Relationships

Alright, magic makers, this has been a long time coming, and I am so excited to finally have this conversation on here about this topic.  And that is about toxic people, toxic relationships, toxic family members, you name it we are talking about it.  We just have to have this conversation because you may be in one and not realize it because it has been going on for so long ...
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Who Else Wants To Be Consistent With Their Health?

Are you just starting your health and wellness journey and worried about staying consistent?  I have 4 amazing ladies that are here to give you their own personal advice as to what you should focus on to stay consistent and stay in the game with your wellness journey and your health and fitness goals! Lindsay Saenz One piece of advice I would give to someone continuing their health journey about ...
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How a 40 something quickly and easily loses weight

Just cuz’ you hit 40, doesn’t mean everything in your body stops and suddenly you can’t lose any weight or manage the weight your current weight..  It doesn’t happen that way ladies!  Although it may seem that way. But there are some things that you can do to prevent the weight from slowly adding on and instead, maintain or even lose some weight.  I have 5 quick tips on how ...
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How do You Shift Your Hardcore Fitness Identity| 86

When I stopped doing fitness competitions, I didn’t know how the F I WAS. I didn’t know how to be a normal person without this goal and I sure as hell didn’t know how to be a freaking civilian! I was thrown into this world after everything wondering now what… I had to figure out life outside of competitions again and guys, it wasn’t easy! My most recent guest on ...
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How Your Mindset Improves Your Body

Let’s dive into mindset because it’s that time of the year where we start to get a little wiggly... You came out of the holidays sprinting, but now…. you are freaking tired and you are questioning if you made the right decisions, started the right program, or took the right approach!  And this is when I say that you have to check in with your mindset people!  Because it is ...
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4 Micro Habits To Add Your Health

According to the American Medical Association, as many as 40% of individuals being described as being overweight, and 2/3 of those individuals have tried some kind of weight loss / health regimen in the last year. With so many women concerned with their health, it’s no wonder that this is a favorite area to make changes. The good news? MicroHabits work particularly well in this category! Health is the number ...
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The Power of Creating MicroHabits

You want to change your life. You’re fed up with being who you are and can’t even see clearly who you want to be. You’ve crashed and burned too many times before.   Now here you are at a crossroads: do you try one last time, or give up before you even start?  Thankfully, giving up doesn’t have to be an option. You can be a better, stronger, more confident version of yourself, ...
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Your Key To Fitness Success: Movement

Katie St Clair instantly drew me to her because she speaks my language!! She is speaking to women about the things that I preach to my clients about constantly.  And that is MOVEMENT!  If you have good quality movement, you are going to get the results you want!   Katie is getting women to move by being creative.  She is helping them through those, “ I can’t do it any more issues.”  and ...
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4 Ways To Stay Motivated To Stick To A Diet

The biggest enemy of any diet is boredom. People lose their motivation to stick to a diet and so they begin to cheat here and there. Before you know it, your diet is basically done with and you are back at square one. Sound familiar? So, the key too sticking to a diet is to keep up the initial motivation that you have when you first start the diet. With ...
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