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I’ve taken this blog off topic for about 2 months. But that’s okay in my book. Theses past 2 months I’ve needed go off topic so I can ground myself and find the voice that will help my readers. Over the past 60 days I’ve reset my goals and I’ve re-prioritized what I want in life. I’m hoping that this little diversion has given you some insight into me and why I do want to do. So what does living the dream REALLY look like to you’ Today is day 29 and we’re asked what does living the dream mean to me. So.. here’s my first stab at it.

  • What do you want in your life beyond all certainty’kimandphilip_vegas2013
    • I want to work with women to help them better understand how to find the balance between life and healthy living for themselves and their families.
    • I want to be able to work from any where I have cell phone reception and an internet connection.
    • Would love to chase the sun and live where I don’t have to put on a winter coat and hat
    • Be able to give me husband as many gifts and experiences as he’s given me
  • What’s a non-negotiable you are not prepared to give up for anything else’
    • Balance — now don’t get me wrong I do have periods of time when I get a little hectic, but I’m not longer going to make someone else’s poor planning my program (been there done that — have the tee shirt and post traumatic corporate stress disorder to prove it)
    • My happy marriage — I’m lucky that my husband supports me in all my endeavors. He may ask regularly am I crazy, but no matter what I do for business and professional I want to make sure that I don’gala_2013t take him for granted.
    • Need for the products and/or services that I’m promoting to be in line with my values.
    • Never forget where I can from. There are people who helped me and supported me no matter what.
    • Always be surrounded by great friends. I’m really lucky that I have some of the best friends. They always have my back and I can’t imagine what life would be like without them.
  • Am I willing to go for it”
    Yes betcha!! For that past few months I’ve felt like a caterpillar — just waiting to blossom into a butterfly. I can’t imagine what next year will be like for me.  Hey.. the next 90 days. I’m ready to make it happen — how about you!!!
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