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Boost Your Habits With These Tips

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At the end of the year, I think many of us get reflective. You start to think about the past year. And this year has been one doozy of a year, one of the things I have always said is that, and I learned this from my boyfriend, Tony Robbins, is that when you ask yourself better questions, you get better answers. Think many of us are getting really reflective this year, you know, we all were kind of forced to sit our asses down and take a timeout. And I know, for me, that has been, I want to say refreshing and revealing.


And so, I have really realized that I was just so caught up in my hustle. And I wasn’t really hustling to do the things that I really want to do. And so, over the last, you know, during the lockdown last, you know, the four months of lockdown, I really sat down, and asked myself “What do I want my life to look like’” “What do I want my life to be’” “Do I want it me being you know, flitting and flowing from one thing to the next thing, and really not committing’”

And it brought me back to one of my favorite quotes. And you know, if you know anything about me, there’s probably like, 10 quotes that just stop me in my tracks. And one of the quotes that stopped me in my tracks is “if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” It’s by Zig Ziglar. And he is if you don’t know who he is, he’s, the father of, personal development , you know, he’s kind of who taught all the current, personal development icons out there, you know, their stuff.

When I heard that quote again it made me thing, it’s absolutely right. I am aiming at nothing. Because busy, feels good. Busy keeps us from really kind of diving in and owning what we want, right’ If I’m busy, then you know, it’s all good things are happening, things are moving and grooving. But are they’ How are you measuring it’

I want to take this back to health and fitness. You know, that’s my jam. when ask new clients, what does success look like for you’ I get this like blank stare this pause and you’re just like, ummhh. I get in we get into such in a groove. Yeah, you go to , Emma’s class on Tuesday, you lift on Wednesday, and you don’t even know what you’re going for. Or you’re so caught in the struggle of I can’t have in order to have my results that you don’t really lift your head up to say, what is possible, right’

If I had the courage to do something different, what would it look like’ Could I do something different, and I get it, I was scared for a really long time. I thought like, if I didn’t have five meals a day, like I thought I was gonna die. And now I eat when I’m hungry, it took a while, and I tell you it’s not gonna be this overnight thing. But I had to learn how to really, truly listen to my body and listen to when I was frickin hungry, versus just when I taught my body to be hungry when I taught it to eat. So, the message I’m sending here is that we have to start asking ourselves better questions, we have to sometimes literally sit our booties down and press pause.

This morning, I was journaling, and I asked myself some, hard questions. And I’m gonna be honest, you know, when I journal’ The answers don’t come to me immediately. It’s just I something I either see something, or I just ask myself, what do I need to know’ Today the question was, what I’m doing day in and day out, where do I see myself’ In 12 months’ So 12 months from today, based on the actions, my daily habits that I’m doing day in and day out’ Where do I see myself, right’ Are these actions, these habits leading me to where I want to go’ Do you even know where you’re going to go’ Because if I’m aiming at nothing, I’m always going to get that. Right. And, you know,

I have women who start working with me and I’m like, Okay, so what’s your goal’ They typically respond with you know; I just want to lose weight. Okay, great. Next question, what does that look like’ It’s time we got better at defining our goals. getting so crystal clear on what that looks like, right’ How does your life look like when you achieve your goal’ Because it’s not about sprinting to the finish line! I don’t know about you, but I’m done sprinting to the finish line that fucking sucks. We’re no longer sprinting to the finish line.

Instead, I want you to start thinking to yourself, what does lifelong health and fitness look like’ Where I am not always eating whatever the fuck I want. And then restricting because  you’re going on vacation. That sucks ass, big time. So instead, I want you to start thinking about, well, how can I start creating some long-term habits that allow me to, I use this analogy a lot. It’s like a dimmer switch. Many of us think health and fitness is this light switch. It’s off, it’s on. But instead, how do I make it a dimmer switch’ The dimmer switch is, you find whatever, normal lighting works for you, and then when I am trying to get ready for a vacation or a wedding, or whatever event it is that you’re getting ready for I you know, I turn the brightness up a little bit on my diet. You start getting a little more selective with the foods that I eat, then, go back to normal lighting,

It’s a holiday, you dim it down a little bit, right, or it’s a birthday or wedding, you dim it down a little bit, and then you return it back to normal lighting. And if you notice, it wasn’t about like finding good foods, bad foods, it was like opening and closing what you put in your diet, and it’s not restricted. It’s cleaning it up a little bit. So maybe you are having a couple extra treats every week, but I want to go on vacation. So, guess what, those couple extra treats, they go out for, X number of weeks until you know, your vacation or event, is over.

We finally freak free of the cut, restrict cycle.  It’s working to find your equilibrium, your setpoint is, what does your everyday look right’ And then you know, things open up a little bit more, they close a little bit more. This way we are giving ourselves flow,  versus rigid rules, you know the ones, I can’t eat after a certain hour, or I can only have X number of this and X number of that. It’s not eating with wild abandon, it started to come to a place where you’re just satisfied. And I think for so many of us, we’re always trying to find ways to fix something. And instead of fixing something, we have to look at where we are, do an assessment and many of us don’t that, we don’t do that at all. We just look for the next shiny object. So that’s why I asked the question.

It’s our daily habits. It’s what we do day in and day out. This is what I need to do to get the results that you are looking for. Here’s where I challenge instead of sprinting to that new year new me finding that new diet program trainer challenge, whatever. Let’s start to say to ourselves, how can I focus on changing my habits. And one of the things I’m working on that is going to start the week of January 10. It’s five days to effortless weight loss and the whole premise of this. It’s how do I learn to trust myself’ How do I learn to stop just falling into the same old habits and patterns over and over again’ There’s a parable that is, I think it’s a parable. It’s called there is a hole in my sidewalk.  It goes something like this, I walk down the street, I fall into a hole. I keep walking down the same street and falling into the same hole and then eventually you walk down a different street. I’m trying to get you to walk down a very different street. I’m trying to get you to start to recognize the same patterns, the same habits, and they’re no longer serving you. So if you are done falling down that same damn hole and you’re ready to just let find a way to live in a different way. Find a way to apply the four pillars of weight loss to your life (link to the old podcast) and start to see where you need to focus in so that you could finally make the changes finally get the frickin results you’ve been looking for.

Do me a favor and you want to hop in to the five days of effortless weight loss. I hope that you have a great happy and healthy holiday season.. If you want it text me 617/812-9305 and say 5 days and I will be sure to add you to the list. 


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