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Break Up With The Good Food Bad Food List

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For years you’ve been told about eating super foods and making sure you focus on sticking to foods that are on the “good” food list and avoiding foods on the bad one. This is what I know some of the most healthiest food on the planet doesn’t work for everyone. 😱

Here’s an example – I love bananas but when I eat them, they make me crave all day long. Same thing with eggs, eggs are one of the greatest sources of protein, but… for me they are not filling. I eat them and 20 minutes later I’m looking for my next meal.

Do you see where I’m going’

What should you do instead’

Focus on eating until you are SATISFIED and SATIATED.

Satisfied — this is an art form, because this is felt in the head. This is where “willpower” and “discipline” start to talk to you and you eat what you feel is the right thing.

Think about it like this, how many times do you eat what you want to eat versus eating something that thought was the best choice’

Many of you eat because you want to be the “good” girl and while you really would love to have a slice of pizza you don’t have it because you don’t want to blow your diet. So instead you have the chicken, broccoli and brown rice and all day long you are thinking about that pizza using all your willpower and discipline to not have it.

Now this isn’t me telling you to eat crap this is me asking did that chicken, broccoli and brown rice leave you feeling satisfied or would you have felt better having the pizza so you could have just had it and moved on.

For the amount of time you lean into feel satisfied versus doing the “right” thing you’ll be surprised that you won’t go completely off the rails. You’ll build trust in yourself and your binges will be few and far between.

Satiated –this is in the stomach — did you feel full after eating. It will take your body about 20 minutes to register that you are actually full or need more food. Whatever you eat should make you feel full for at least 3-4 hours.

Lastly, only remove food groups if they don’t agree with you. Let’s stop just removing food groups or types of food from your nutrition unless they do not agree with you. If you are interested in learning how to do a proper elimination diet let’s talk.

I have 9 more in the Invincible40 Resource Guide. 

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