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Breakfast An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

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I’m one of those people who you can’t really have a serious conversation with until I’ve have my coffee! For me I look forward to that first warm cup of coffee. It’s like a hug in a mug!! Honestly I dream of coffee before I go to bed at night.

I do have some friends who can go without caffeine first thing in the AM. So.. I did some investigating about morning energy. Is it the coffee or something else that jumpstarts them in the morning. Instead of all the caffeine, how about giving some of these try to jumpstart your day!

Make the most of your breakfast to get you going.Avoid overly carby and sugary foods at breakfast. You’ll feel like the Energizer Bunny for about an hour and then crash!! . When the bottom drops out and you are more sluggish and wished you stayed in bed.

Carby and sugary foods set up a vicious cycle. The more sugar you eat, the more your body wants. Examples: donuts, cookies, high-fat muffins, Danish pastries and the like.

Here are better ideas for you to start your morning with a nice healthy boost. Chose foods that are on the hearty whole grains and pair them with a protein. When you put these two together BOOM, you’ll have a constant source of energy.

Fruit and grains. This combination helps you to fight aging as well as boost the immune system and helps your heart. Plus you get a great tasty fuel source. I love overnight meals – using chia seeds, Greek yogurt , fruit and oatmeal. You get the crunchy, the sweet and the nutritious.

Omelets. There’s a lot of deliciousness here. Some many ways you can go with this, plus you can pre-make them in muffin tins so you can bring with you. You can add chopped veggies, lean meats. Like sweetness” Take 2 eggs and blend with some fruit and coconut or almond milk and you’ve gotten a nice pancake. .

Hot cereal. This is my jam, I live for oatmeal!! When I was traveling down under they call it porridge. A few times on my trip I’d ask for it and the server who look at me like I was being forced to eat it. I know some folks have a love hate relationship with it but I love it and crave having it on hot or cold days.

Now some you if aren’t into oatmeal, but like farina (Cream of Wheat),or grits. Throw in a few super food berries (blueberries, strawberries).

So what’s your breakfast’ Leave me a comment below.


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