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What’s Your Burning Desire’

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From some of my clients I hear, I want to make changes to my body or eating, do you have any suggestions that will help get me motivated’ Well yes I do ….
What’s YOUR motivation‘ What is YOUR reason for even attempting the goal’ Do you have a burning desire to reach your goals’

What’s your vision for yourself’ Do you have a clear picture of what you want’ Is it so clear that you feel like you can reach out a touch it’ What I mean by burning desire is that if its’ 2 degrees outside and you need to shovel out your car, will you still go to the gym’

You will reach your goals if it’s your true desire. So I ask you to sit and down and get really clear about what YOU want. No one else can tell you what your motivation is, only you get find your motivation. Trust me, there are times that I wish that a burning bush would appear on my front lawn. It’s not going to happen, that burning burn is internal! You need to tap into what is going to motivate you on the inside — it’s your internal voice cheering you on and your internal kick in the pants all wrapped in one.

Yes — external motivation can help bolster your internal motivation, but external motivation can’t be your only source. Your internal burning bush must be ignited if you are going to reach your goals.

Care to share your internal burning bush — what’s your motivation’


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