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This day 11 of my blog challenge is here is where it great real for me! I have to choose. I need to make a clear and definitive decision! For years, I’ve been you must have multiple streams of revenue. To me this meant you did a little of this and a little of that and in the end it all helped to pay your bills. I was told by a very wise person and it took quite some time for it to sink into my thick skull.  Scattered focus. Scattered attention. The other quote that has been popping up in my head is Guard your focus like it’s a briefcase filled with $1 Million dollars.  Now’s the time to put it out to the world!!!

I will sell myself.  Now get your mind out of the gutter! =) I will sell my knowledge. I’ve been a health and fitness professional for several years and in that time have gained  a ton of knowledge. My main focus has been working with women who are in their forties and who are looking to get their groove back, they want to get their health and fitness back into their lives. Selling myself includes — regularly blogging, getting in front of the video camera and letting my clients hear my via podcasts.

As I’m selling myself, I will work create information products and work with other manufacturers that sell products that will enhance my clients goals. This will enable to me make residual income.
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