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Can I Get Fit For Summer: Case Study

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This week, I’ve had a number of clients talking about their spring goals, they have a couple of trips plan and wondering can they get ready for their trips between now and then. I want to share that with you, because I’m sure you may be thinking the same thing.

I have a spring trip coming and can I get to get in shape or, you maybe you are thinking that “I’m not gonna be hiding underneath this parka for very long.” So I really want to start to take off some of the extra weight that I might have put on this winter.

My client, Angela, she is going to Europe. And she wrote to me that every time she’s gone on a trip for the past few years, she’s hidden in all the pictures because she doesn’t feel comfortable and confident in my body. Can you relate to that’

Her quest was “Can I lose a dress size between now Memorial Day’”

My response was, absolutely.

Now here’s my BUT I asked her to go through the REPS project.
Asking herself a series of questions that will help her to ENSURE success

Is her goal REALISTIC’

It’s realistic for what she’s trying to achieve. It’s roughly eightish weeks that we have between now and Memorial Day. She can definitely easily without heavy lifting lose a dress size.

Let’s get to the deeper part of the issue’ Is she excited about her goal’ Because if you’re not excited about your goal, it’ll feel like work. And anytime something feels like work,

I start to hear these words. Maybe you’ve said them yourself.
❌ I don’t have the willpower.
❌ I don’t have the discipline.
❌ I don’t have the motivation.

Have you ever said any of those words, right’ I hear that from people when they aren’t excited and when shit gets hard. When you’re excited about your goal, those words never come out of your mouth. Because you wake up and you’re like, my choice is clear. You feel guided. You ask yourself better questions. Are my actions going to lead me towards my goal’ Are they going to take me away from my goal’ That’s what being excited about your goal is all about!

Angela doesn’t want to hide in pictures anymore. She wants to go on vacation and be the belle of the pictures! She wants to take pictures with her family and be proud of what she looks like in the pictures.12 And for many people, myself included, it is a picture from a random event that you look at yourself and you’re just like, oh hell do I look like that’12 And that is a changing point. The point in which we say to ourselves I gotta make a change! And that’s what happened to Angela.

Have you ever seen that picture or you don’t want to see that picture, this is where you ask yourself, the goals that I set for myself, am I excited about them’
Because that becomes ✅ your willpower, that becomes ✅ your discipline and that becomes ✅ your motivation, the excitement, you are seeing your goal come to fruition.

Now you need to make a plan and a preemptive plan. Just because I told you, you can hit your goal doesn’t mean that magic fairies are going to come down poof you are now down 1 dress size. I’m there to guide you. But I’m not the person who’s going to have to go to the grocery store. I’m not the person who’s going to have to go to the gym, you need to make you a priority. So that means making a plan.

You can make a plan by the week, or you can make a plan by the day, whatever makes the most sense to you. But there has to be a plan. Because when you go into the week or the date with intention, it’s less likely for you to have those days where you’re like, Oh, shit happened. We all know that sometimes that shit gains momentum and then snowballs and then Oh, crap. I only have two weeks before my goal and I’m still at square one. This is way I always say one week or a 24-hour plan is a necessity. The second piece of it is a preemptive plan. Between now and Memorial Day, life is going to happen you can’t put yourself in a plastic bubble okay you can, but how much fun is that’

This means you are going to have a party, you might want to go out to dinner with your sweetie, maybe your kid has a birthday, maybe you have to go to a birthday party, you’re going to want a glass of wine, you’re going to want a treat all that’s going to happen. You have to think to yourself, how am I going to plan for that’ How am I going to plan for’ I typically work nine to five, but you have a big project coming up and the boss will ask you to come to work
earlier or stay late. How are you going to manage that’

Look at what is tripped you up in the past, you know what has caused you to stumble in previous attempts to lose the weight. And it’s creating an action plan, and a preemptive plan is what’s really going to help you have your ultimate success.

The last step is sustainability. I see so many times people had these great plans. My question is three weeks from now, can you follow that plan’ Three years from now’ Because it’s really easy for me to like, to dramatically cut my calories dramatically cut back on food groups, and I’m miserable. And there goes the plan. You’re not gonna have cake at your kid’s birthday party’ You’re not going to want to go out to dinner with the sweetie and not order anything but a garden salad. No croutons.

Do you want that life’

Real life we do not live in a bubble. Never going out to dinner because you have no control. That’s not frickin life. You should be able to go out to dinner, vacation do anything you damn well want!

I go to dinner all the time.

Guess what’
I’m okay. Right. I don’t feel the need to control I. It’s in my it’s in my plan. And I know I’m going to have to make the decision before I go this way. It’s gonna be a fun, fun meal. No guilt, no shame, no nothing. Or, hey, I’m going to get a salad with some great vegetables. That’s the process that I walked Angela through.

What do you think’ Want 5 tips to help you get ready for summer


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