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Can you make a come back’

So… Red Sox nation waits 86 years to win a World Series and then we wait just 3 years to make another trip back to the big game to win again.  We are a town that was accustomed to disappointments.  Then things started to turn around in 2001 and we are now a town that expects everything.

For the past week, Boston has been held in suspense will we make again to the World Series. So last night while most went to bed to awaits the news of Boston loss, The Red Sox make an incredible come back.

Is there something that you have always wanted to do and thought all was lost’ In Boston we have a saying “Why Not Us” When I am feeling down, stress out and thing I can’t turn things around, I think “Why Not Me”

Can you make a come back’  Have you made come back’  Tell me about it


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