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Top 9 Ways To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

Tis the season for family gatherings filled with tasty and tempting treats. How can one not be tempted’ Here are some tips to help you stay on track!

  1. Have a Fitness Plan: Every Sunday I set down and schedule in my workouts and treat them like an appointment I can’t break. So. go ahead and grab your calendar and schedule in your workouts. Without this written commitment it’s a slippery slope to not working out until after the holidays are over. So set a plan and STICK with. Need someone to hold you accountable, give me a shoot me an email.
  2. Moderation: You can have a small taste, without blowing it! Allow yourself to indulge a little here and there, but limit your portions. When you are out make smart decisions around where you will indulge and most importantly don’t feel guilty about it.
  3. Do Something Active Each Day: Even if you only have 30 minutes, you can go for a walk, short run, or take a group fitness class, but make sure you move! This will help burn off some of those indulgences and help reduce some of that holiday stress.Read More »Top 9 Ways To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

Training For The Miami Half Marathon

So, I’m going for one of my goals. I have been thinking about running a half marathon for about 10 years. I stopped running because of the pain in my ass. I started working with a great posture guy and I was able to run the Falmouth Road Race (7.1 miles) 2 times without pain. So now I’m going to go for it.  The race is on Sunday, January 31st and my half marathon training starts on Monday!

As I begin my half marathon journey I will keep you all updated on how I’m doing. Today was a rare warm November day in New England.  I decided to go for  a little mini run (4 miles) and right now I feeling like seriously, am I going to make it 4 miles were tough! Here is my training schedule for this week.