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Getting To Know Me

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I love introducing people to fitness and helping them meet their fitness goals. I want to be clients to independent so feel that they can workout on their own without my assistance.


Ahh Yoga!!!

For the past month I have shocked myself by attending yoga 1-2xs/week. I’ve been going to Prana Power Yoga. I think I have been able to stick with it because it only 1 hour and its close to my house. So I go to yoga today and not sure if I was one in class that took the short bus to yoga or I was the rock star of the class, but I was getting a little extra attention from the instructor.


Last Big Run

The Falmouth Road Race doesn’t allow ipods so I have been training without one. I am now realizing that listening to your footsteps and your breath while you run is quite meditative.


Running Falmouth

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My husband and I met 15 years ago at a Falmouth Road Race race party. A mutual friend invited us and who knew 15 years later I would be sitting here married to Philip and planning to run the Falmouth road race.  Philip and I are not sentimental l people at all, but every year we have talked about running this race when we hit a milestone in our relationship. On August 9th it will be 15 years that we have been together. Needless to say I am a little SHOCKED at how fast time goes by and he is still the first person that I want to talk to when I get up in the morning and the last person I want to talk to when I go to bed. Enough sentimental stuff… So, we have been training for the road race since mid June, slowly building up our mileage.  We have 2 weeks to go and today is a milestone run, 5.5 miles.  In 2000 I ran the Tufts 10K and that was the last time I ran for more than 20 minutes on a treadmill. So today is our first LONG run. Read More »Running Falmouth


My Goals Update

Review of Last Weeks Goals:

* I will update my Falmouth Road Race training schedule
* I will review my Tri Fitness training and see how to improve
* I will read 1 chapter in my wellness coach manual
* I will make an appt with my training buddy to practice coaching
* I will update the Fab Fit Squad blog 3x/week
* I will take 1 yoga class/week

This mean completed
Read More »My Goals Update

Kim Barnes Jefferson -- Women's Tri Fitness

Goal Achieved!!!

Throughout this year, I have been periodically posting about training for the Trifitness competition. Well — I DID IT!!! I just got home off the red eye and had to tell you all about it. 1st let’s recap what the event is all about.

  1. Grace and Physique — you are judged on your body conditioning and grace walking in 5 in heels
  2. Obstacle Course-– only 24 women can do this course in less than 1 minute. My 1st time through, I did it in 88 seconds. The back half of the course is pure SPRINTING, OMG I thought I was going to die. But was so proud of myself of fighting through!!! Can you say mental stamina. Let me paint the picture. It was 106 in Nevada!!! You are hydrating like crazy, so that you don’t have a heat stroke or cramp up due to dehydration.
    • 10 foot Wall
    • Running Grid
    • Incline/Decline Monkey Bars
    • Balance Beam
    • 15 foot Cargo Net
    • Shuttle Run
    • 3 Low Hurdles
    • Steeple chase jump
    • Under and Over Bar
  3. Read More »Goal Achieved!!!


My Wellness Vision

The crux of understanding how to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle is painting a picture of what your life would look like and how would you feel when you achieved your healthy lifestyle.