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Girl Eating A Strawberry

Got Kids’

Girl Eating A StrawberryI have a number of mom clients, who say they eat junk food because I have to buy it for the kids.  Really your kids have that much control of what you buy and how you eat. Well times have certainly changed since I was a kid.  Our after school snacks weren’t sugar filled. My diabetic grandmother took care of us after school, so sugary treated weren’t an option.  I didn’t realize that yogurt was a health food until the 8th grade, I thought everyone ate it. How naive was I that I also thought raisins, I mean actual non-coated raisins were candy.Read More »Got Kids’


15 Tax Day Healthy Snacks

It’s tax day. I know just sent check to Uncle Sam. So let’s move onto something more cheery. Many of my clients struggle with the idea of “snacking” most people think “snacking” is a bad thing. Trust me its not. If you are working out you will need the extra fuel! To help you out here are 15 healthy snack ideas. The idea is to take any of these 2 ideas and combine them and wallah  you have a healthy snack.  Depending upon the length of your work day. You should be aiming to have anywhere between 2-3 snacks/day. If you don’t you are derailing your weight loss goals.Read More »15 Tax Day Healthy Snacks