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Changing Your Current Eating Habits

So, you just go an invite to a special event were you want to wear that little black sleeveless dress, or just booked that Caribbean vacation.  Then you look in the mirror and say……

OH CRAP! I gotta loose some weight!

The first question you have to ask is are you prepared to change your eating habits’  If your eating is not fully in line they losing weight will be tough. The best way to do this is to ask yourself:

  • what are you eating’
    • will journal all your food and exercise
  • how much are eating’
    • are you willing to start weighing and measuring your food
  • when do you eat’
    • time of day
    • is it an emotional response
    • is there long time lapse between when you eat
  • how do you feel after eating’
    • full
    • still hungry

After answering theses questions how do you feel’ Are you ready to take the next step are you willing to commit to changing your eating habits’


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