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Are You Chasing Youth”

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had the same female idols.

  1. Vanessa Williams — I remember when she was the first black Miss America I thought she was STUNNING!!Then when inappropriate pics appeared and she gave up her crown, she did with style and grace. Now let’s fast forward to 2012 and she is still singing and dancing and still STUNNING!
  2. Jennifer Garner — I just love her. She never loses her small town values.
  3. Madonna — She’s had and her ups and downs, but she can still rock the house. She is a consummate performer. Madonna knows how to deliver a show.
  4. Demi Moore — For years she was the ultimate women, in 2003 when come came out of the water rocking that bikini after have 3 children women every jaw’s dropped.  We thought she looked good in Striptease, but here she was almost 40 and looked AMAZING!!!!

I bring up this up because of what I’ve been reading about Demi Moore’s troubles after her split from her husband. I’m rooting for her, she always conducted herself with style and grace. Now this can be all rumor and celebrity gossip rags trying to sell magazine, but it did get me thinking. As we age do we embrace our age  or are we constantly looking in the rear view mirror trying to look like we did 10 years ago’

A good friend of my Jodi, a fellow fitness competitor, when she first started competing she wanted to look and act like a competitor that was 18 years her junior.  She was frustrated that she wasn’t doing well and was really unhappy.  She took some time off from competing and then came back and won her next show.  I asked her what do you think you did differently in your show prep.  Jodi said she got her head on straight. She embraced her 52 years and used that to her advantage.

This is the one thing my idols all have in common, they’ve  embraced who they are and not the number of years they been alive.  I’m proud of my age and the wisdom that it brings.  Instead of chasing youth, I chase being the best  and the healthiest I can be regardless of my age. I know that my healthy lifestyle isn’t about looking youthful it’s about feeling healthy and having the energy to do what I want when I want.

Talk to me are you a Demi or a Vanessa’


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