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Client Testimonial: Even Coaches Need A Coach

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I love sitting down with past clients to talk to them about their experiences while we worked together. I love doing this because it helps not only myself, but you guys as well to understand where they were when we met and what were some of the transformations they went through after we worked together! This week I got to talk to Stacie Venagro, who I met through a fitness competition and then we worked together for years through more shows as well as a pregnancy! And she kind of went viral with her rocking abs during her pregnancy!

Stacie Venagro jumped into the Fitness Competition scene for the first time without a coach and that is where we first met. I told her we were going to work together after that and we did. One look at her food log and I knew that she wasn’t eating enough for the results she wanted. I introduced her to eating 5 meals a day, upped the caloric intake, and got her on a solid workout plan.

?I ate 5 meals a day for the first week and lost 2 pounds, then kept going with the eating plan and checked in with you every week. The weight was dropping, my body was changing, the physic was changing! I put my trust in a stranger, and I became coachable and I just listened. And if I didn’t do that we would have been feuding the entire time and I would not have gotten the results I was looking for.?

What were you hoping to achieve with a coach’

After the show I did by myself, I saw what can be done with my body. I knew I needed a coach if I wanted to continue to do this. If I wanted to get to where I wanted to be I needed help. So after we worked together to get to my next show, I saw the results, and continuing to work with you was a no-brainer because you got me to that first show! After that, I said alright, now let’s do the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th shows and I wanted to keep getting better and I did. I was seeing what I could get my body to I was loving it and it was because I had someone help me.

Having competed for 5 years together we worked together until 2017. You coached me through it all, even while pregnant! And all I have to say is EVERY COACH NEEDS A COACH! You need that.

What would you say is your biggest learning experience from working with me’
Right off the bat, I found out that I was eating like a bird and I found out that eating very little and working out very hard multiple times a day was not working for me. My mindset was so ass-backward when it came to that, and once I learned to fuel my body and GIVE IT fuel, my body released the fat I needed it to release! And I have learned that a lot of women this happens to as well.

We think we have to eat 1200 calories and burn about 2400 and we are going to lose a pound. But that is a big NO! At that point, my body is going into starvation mode because I am not actually fueling it like I should be and like it needs. When I did fuel it enough, that was the biggest token! Even now to maintain, I have to eat a lot? Like a 300 pound man a lot!

What are your workouts like now’

I work out no more than 45 minutes to an hour tops a day and I am not killing myself. I am sweating, for sure, but they are NOT intense workouts every single day. Our bodies just need movement. When we are aging we cannot have those marathon gym sessions like back in the day. The same goes with after you have kids. Plus, I find it very hard to do a marathon workout, when I am just not into that anymore. Right now, at this moment we are maintenance, so that craziness is not needed. We cannot live in this crazy intense bubble because we are just going to explode after time.

If someone was considering working with me, what would you say to someone’

I would definitely say just do it! Be extremely open-minded and ask questions when you need help and be willing to listen to your coach. Go to Kim, enjoy the process, accept it and take it one step at a time! Do it and try it out. If you did it for 30, 60, 90 days and you actually did it 100% I guarantee you you will see that change!! But if you challenge her, you will not see that change that you want.

So be open-minded and be ready for the rollercoaster for a lifetime!!!!

You can check out Stacie and all of the amazing stuff she has to offer over on her Instagram and Facebook!


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