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Client Testimonial — How To Find Your Blind Spots

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I am loving these client testimonials. And this one is just as amazing as the rest. Today Aubrey Worek and I talked about blind spots!! She and I have been working together for years now. Like so long, its like probably a common law marriage long! LOL! We worked together for years and that turned into an awesome friendship. Aubrey is so inspirational, and I have always enjoyed working with her both in our competitive coaching and helping her to live a healthier lifestyle.

For Aubrey, our work together was needed for her. She needed someone to hold her feet to the fire and be held accountable. It was so wanted and needed. Aubrey is also a wellness professional, and she kept saying, Hey, I can do this myself without help.And she tried it for a long time, but the nutrition part of it kept falling apart. Nutrition has always been a bit of a struggle for her, having given herself an eating disorder from the ages of 12-27. Nutrition & accountability has always been her blind spot. Plus, her relationship with food had always been extremely emotional. I have come a long way and I have you to thank for helping me on this journey.

You did the nutrition in a way that worked and that really worked in a great way for me. I didn’t have to count every macro and calorie and wear a FitBit. I didn’t have to play into former vices that were triggers for me and you helped with that, making sure I didn’t go down old paths. Just so everyone knows, not all fitness competitors are following a plan that is right for them and most outsiders looking in think that we are. I worked with you because you know I want to grow and evolve in ways, even more than nutrition.

The great thing about your program is that you don’t just say,Okay, here is a standard program of what to do, do this and this and that is all.Instead, you gave me accountability. I tell you where I want to go and then you give me the steps on how to get there. You are like an adult holding on to the back of the bike when I take off my training wheels. I am driving the bike, but you are holding on as a guide.

Instead of you telling me what to do and expecting me to do it. You are guiding us instead. Just giving someone a meal plan and telling them what to do NEVER WORKS! You are never empowering someone with just that. But YOUR style of coaching is empowering them!
It is a need vs a want. They WANT TO work with you, not they need to. And I see the value in that because it helps me reach my goals!!

When it comes to working with a coach, you need a coach who is going to find the BLIND SPOTS. It helps the person learn more about themselves. Coaching becomes more of a collaboration.. I ask a lot of questions and it helps me to figure out where you are. For Aubrey another blind spot was movement. She craved movement, but in the same token she needed sleep. She is a mom and business owner, and sleep was important to her process. But prior to us working together, she felt the need to go to the gym every day. So, we worked having her honoring her energy levels vs the push to just keeping going and to really make an investment into sleep, now she will sleep instead of going to the gym when she feels tired, but still makes ways to get movement into her day. She now knows that her day isn’t going to be ruined because she doesn’t get to the gym, but her body will feel better because she slept! THIS is why you need a coach.

Why would someone work with me’
I love what you have done over the years. First, accountability, but you are also doing this in such a realistic way that your style of coaching is going to help the individual use what they learn for a lifetime. That Is the goal. It’s not a diet plan to look great for the beach, you take the whole person into accountability. We often say we want to look good, and we will feel good, but that is not always the case.

So how do you get to looking good’ There is a lifestyle management component there.
You really do help people manage their shit in terms of that! And your podcast rocks, it has VALUE in it. It has value for people! You give little hacks for people that may need extra help in certain areas. Little things that actually get big results!

We’ve all done complicated and complicated things. Complicated only lasts but so long before you want to cheat on it or quit on it. So making these things a little easier, a little more manageable in order to get you your results is what I am here for!

You can follow Aubrey and the work she does over on the socials @aubreyworek @fitnessenvi_ !


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