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Client Testimonial: How To Trust Your Journey

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Today’s client testimonial talks with a past client and friend about her journey from working with me to where she is today in her career and all the things she has accomplished since starting this fitness journey. Angela Gargano has been on the cover of magazines, was on Ninja Warrior 4 times, and has an amazing business working with clients today. Angela had to learn to trust in her journey to get to where she wanted to be in her fitness career. When I first started working with Angela, she was a former collegiate gymnast looking for a challenge. She did not realize was how different fitness competitions can be from what she had Experienced as a former college athlete.

Angela wanted to find a community of people who were passionate fitness and this search brought her to the world of fitness competitions! She could not find this community and support by just going to the gym, so she sought out a coach that could help her focus on what she needed to and be that accountable person to walk alongside her. Angela needed a coach that could help her with a plan and give her the tough love she needed! And for me, it was such an amazing experience seeing her transform into the kick-ass lady that she is today.

The most important thing for me when I started working with you or any trainer really is having something in front of me that I can just follow.The last thing Angela wanted to do was think about what she needed to do. The last thing she wanted to do was go into IG to find workouts and do random things without a plan. She wanted it to be done for her and given things to inspire her, because otherwise, like many of us, she won’t program herself to do certain things, but someone else would. Having a trainer helps with this and gives you the accountability to do them. The accountability part of having someone is huge. Whether you are online or in-person. Because guess what When we have that, we are more likely to show up and do the things that you typically wouldn’t want to do. The things that are hard.

A coach will help you to ensure you have time to move your body. It is one of the biggest things I hear the most.I don’t have time but we don’t have to be at the gym all the time. Getting there a few days a week is a win! Just getting up to move your body every day is a win Take those wins whenever you can get them. We know it’s not easy at first. It is not supposed to be easy, that is not how it works. Taking those little wins will get you through the struggles, it will get you through the self-doubts to keep pushing forward.

So put that workout on the calendar, establish boundaries and do what you can when you can!

We worked together for several years, what were the biggest results from working with me
At first, I went a little crazy! I think I was pretty on it and leaned out a lot by eating more vegetables and healthier foods coming out of college. Then we started adding stuff to my diet. One of the best results was leaning out to that point, then figuring out how to not have to think too much about your food anymore!

Showing up for myself and your tough love pushed me to continue on. I didn’t want a coach that will be like, it’s ok. I want them to understand but be tough on me. Be tough on me because they know I can do this, and they want to push me further.

Showing up for myself was a big factor as well. Working with you set the foundation and the base for what I am doing now. If I didn’t have that then… I don’t think I would be where I am now with my body and everything that I am doing and have accomplished.
Consistency and just showing up is so important. You can have bad days or bad weeks it’s going to happen. Understanding that you will have ebbs and flows is important to help get you through them. Just set yourself to do specific things every day to keep you going!

I used to beat myself up about things or not doing something specific. Perfectionism was at the forefront, but now I have learned to give myself grace and be gentler with myself. It is so much better for yourself, and you get more out of it. Because if you are harder on yourself, it leads to more stress, which leads to shitty progress!

A major place where I have grown with everything is definitely my mindset with things.
I am a lot calmer now with things and have tools I can take out of my toolbox to center myself and come back to myself and say it’s ok! Fitness competitions definitely gave this to me. There is such a negative stereotype over the fitness competitions, but it gave me so much confidence! I’ve found more confidence in my body because it was such a struggle to go up on stage with those heels and a bikini and feel good! And when I did become confident, I felt so good! I felt like I could be whatever I wanted to be on stage! I would strut my confidence and just feel good! And that helped my mindset tremendously!

How did it make you feel working with me’ Working with you really helped my confidence! And it made me feel like I FINALLY had support where I needed it. This was such a hard thing for me to find, after college, I could not find the support I needed and when I started working with you, you genuinely cared. There was no BS, and you would actually check in with me and see how I was doing each week.

Everything you helped me with, this foundation, this base, was not only with fitness and nutrition, but it also gave me just a great foundation for life. You need to have a strong foundation to do anything! And I do this same thing with my client snow! My first week is all about foundation and setting the stage, and I feel like I learned a lot of that from you and what you helped me with! Now it is my goal to give back to them the way I felt working with you as my coach. I want them to feel how support I felt and how you were truly there for me. Having someone believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself is so major and crucial when it comes to this journey you are on.

In the end When you are working with a coach, you still have to put the work in, you have to trust the process. It’s ultimately not about the end. It’s about the in-between. How do you handle the in-between How do you handle the journey to get to where you are going Do you like who you are becoming during this journey And getting to that point is what you have to trust in. You have to trust that the process Kim is following alongside you is going to get you to where you want to go. But you have to have patience and be willing to put in the work.

Why would someone want to work with me’
If you are trying to find someone who is going to make you own your shit and help you step into what you want to become, Kim would be the perfect coach for you! She will go through what you are at right now and determine where you want to go, giving you step-by-step accountability. But for real, if you want that extra tough love, you want Kim.

And just know that she will pour everything she has into you like she has done for so many other women! Yes, you have to do the work, and it may take a little for you to do it. But promise me she will be there the whole time guiding you and holding you accountable!

Alright magic makers! You heard it here with my girl Angela!! She was really so amazing to work with over the years and I am so grateful to be able to call her a friend. She is doing some really amazing things and you have to follow along on her journey! You can find her on Instagram @angela_gargano and she has given you full permission to reach out to her at any time!! She always tries to get back to everyone there. Then you can check her out at www.Pulluprevolution.com .The main focus is helping people revolutionize how they feel about their bodies by getting their pull up, which can seem like the impossible.’


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