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Client Testimonial: I finally had a weight loss strategy

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I wanted to bring you another fabulous client testimonial because I feel it is so important to give you guys an inside look at how I operate and what my clients are saying!’ I love sharing information with you here on the my podcasts, but I think hearing from someone I am working with gives you another perspective.

Lucy Patterson and I met on Facebook, and we always kept in touch!’ It wasn’t until right before the pandemic that Lucy joined one of my challenges and became a member of my Fit Girl Magic Society immediately after.’ Dang! I just love how the Internet works, don’t you!! It has opened up so many possibilities for us and has given me the opportunity to make amazing friends with people all over the world like Lucy, who is across the pond! I love working with Lucy and I love the relationship that we have formed!

What made you decide I am ready, and this was the time to do so’ Certain things aligned when it came to working together.’ I am a business strategist, so I felt my own health was the last part of everything I was dealing with! I also liked your energy!’ It felt as if I was not going to commit or be accountable to myself, that you were going to show up here and kick my butt! LOL!

I love accountability and you are always in my brain, and I needed that accountability I got with you!’ I saw so many healthy gurus who just write you need to do this and this. Cut calories, increase workouts Etc!’ But I’ve reached a certain age and things just seemed to start to go wrong!’ I needed to find someone to give me the space to have a process of elimination. I needed to try things, see what works for me, and get the balance right so that I can build certain habits rather than going all in and failing at something I did!

But I think that 100% your energy, accountability and the space to form habits is what really pulled me into working with you!

You give your clients that space if something happens, telling us it is ok, it’s just a day, own it and move past it!’ And this was a completely different type of attitude vs others I was seeing out there, and it just worked better for me.

I also loved that you have given us flexibility.’ It was not something that was prescriptive. It was something that allowed me flexibility and to take ownership of my choices. And this is the thing that is important about accountability; it’s not about having someone to be accountable to. It’s about being accountable to yourself.
This is the thing. I want my clients to outgrow me!!’ I want to be their guide, vs handing them a menu and telling them to do this or die.’ That is the thing that is missing from a lot of coaches. They still prescribe to people!’ They want that client to remain reliant on them, and you are never going to get that from me!’ This is how I roll -‘ ‘Here are the tools, here I show you how to use the tools. I will hand hold for a little but then slowly back off.!’ You can find balance and I will be supportive of you no matter what!

The lightbulb moment for me was when you told me to go by how you’re feeling and how your pants fit, not by what the scale says!’ I had always been so focused on the scale and what it said.’ But instead, what I should focus on is how far I can run or have the energy to play with kids. This is where I am now, this past year working with you, I can finally not feel the pressure of the weight loss itself, and I have actually been able to build different habits and routines!

It is so important to try different things.’ See what works and how it fits best in our day.
For me now, I look at my mobility first and how I move about, then I move onto the foods I am eating!’ What am I putting into my body that is satiating me properly” Then being able to move towards additional exercise and coming into weight loss. This is my process, and before working with you, I would have been blinders on and just focusing on those numbers and it’s EXHAUSTING!!!

Most people think I am dieting, so everything else goes to the wayside. Can’t do anything and can’t eat anything.’ But I am beyond that now!’ I am working so much better with the foods I have, how to adapt to things and what my plate should look like!

If someone is reading this, what would you tell them the biggest reasons why they should work with me’
You are honest! You don’t take prisoners!’ And you do it in a way that is accepting of someone actually living their life!

This just fits perfectly into my business mindset and was very easy to apply to me and my growth mindset with my health and my body!’ And I think that many people will see how doable this journey can be for them if they just have the right coach!


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