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Client Testimonial: The Power of Mindset

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I am bringing you another amazing friend and client of mine for this week’s Fit Girl Magic podcast! Trisha Van Zee and I have known each other for a long time! We were both clients together competing in fitness competitions, then I went into coaching, and I coached her for a while, and over the years we’ve developed this amazing friendship!

Trisha accomplishments can be attributed to her mindset. This was one thing we worked a lot on and is something she has acknowledged time and time again as a huge piece of doing the work she did in the past and now. She entered into the fitness competition industry just wanting to do fitness competitions! But what she never thought was the things that would come out after it. The little branches that come out of it that you never would have thought or imagined! “When you reflect on your journey, you don’t even realize it would be a pivotal point in your future or a building block of your future.”

Trisha has always been an athlete she grew up with her air share of coaches growing up playing sports, so having a coach was not something new for her. The best thing I can say about Trisha was that she was coachable, and she knew how having a coach would benefit her..

“Being in so many sports growing up, you have a coach, they are there to show you the way instead of you wandering around in circles trying to find your way. That is the same as working with a fitness coach, branding coach, business coach, etc. I respect those mentors and coaches because it helps you get to where you want to be faster. It gives you the road map that you need. They have the experience that you want and can help you along the way!”

Trisha is NOW creating this for her brides! She mentors/guides them with her Step Into Your Glow, bridal course. Her goal is to get brides to enjoy this day, be in the moment, feel good and feel confident.

It is a slow process with her brides to get to where they want to be, and that is one thing I taught Trisha, as well as what I teach all of my clients is to slow down. Move slow so that it becomes a lifestyle change that you enjoy. Don’t speed into it because this is when you crash into a massive brick wall! Slow is more sustainable, slow will get you the results you want and get you to create habits that you will keep with you! “You have to be coachable; you have to follow the plan and you will see the results eventually if it’s sustainable.”

What was one of the best results working with me’
I got a lot of good results from working with you and not just physically. Your style in particular I relate with so much! I say style because you are direct, and I respond really well to that! My favorite thing was being direct, but you knew when to have that empathy. You weren’t going to coddle me. But we were going to work, and you made it known that it is going to take work! That was my favorite part about you.

You were constantly telling me to trust the process, and you broke it down in such a way that I needed it to be and what worked for me. But you also took into consideration the changes in my body as a female who was over 35 and that’s a big deal because not every coach does that or can do that if they don’t have the experience with it like you do.

We worked on so much more mindset and real-life issues as well that I benefited tremendously from. You broke it down to what I CAN do! And coming up with those plans and realistic conversations to me was one of the best things we could have done while I was working with you. It was real… You were direct and a realist and I admired that tremendously!

Mindset for me was everything. The last show I did was one of my best mentally but one of my worst physically and I placed the best I have! BECAUSE I WAS HAPPY! I was having fun; I didn’t have all this life going on and I was just being me and I loved every minute of it. And that was something we did together to get me to that point.

A lot of women have a lot of emotional paths, and we discount that when it comes to working on ourselves! You have 2 kids, a full-time job, you are dealing with other areas in your life causing bull shit and we know that bullshit takes time and space when it is in your head. And A LOT of coaches don’t look at this when it comes to working with clients. You told me that I needed to look at my bull shit because that was holing me back.

As a coach, I know the emotional tax the life bull shit can take on you. This is something that I LOOK AT and something I am helping my clients with!

Many people want to come to me and say, “Kim hand me this workout hand me this meal plan.” But I feel like my superpower is helping you correct your mindset! Once you get that mindset correct, everything else will fall into place. So, for me as a coach, that is one of my superpowers! Many of my clients get their best results because they had a mindset shift.

“I had a HUGE mindset shift working with you.. The mindset part was something new to me, but it really changed me from that point forward when I was in my BS! It helped protect me mentally but also helped me where I am today. It shifted me so much that I needed to make that mindset a big part of my daily, weekly habit.”

However, you want to work on your mindset, is how it will help you grow. That is when the change really happens. because that is when you start to not compare yourself so much to social media and everything else going on. We use all of those mindset things and keep building on them.

The one thing I feel I know I have shifted from is it’s not always about what I see in the mirror. I’ve shifted my focused and asked myself “What is the picture of health’” Is it having rock hard abs or what is that I can do that I will be consistent with and be happy’ I am very healthy, how I talk to people, and how I respond to things in life is different and for the better. There have been a lot of times where I say man, I miss my old body; I miss this and that. But then I am like ya know what” I’m happy with where I am, I know that what I would need to do wouldn’t be sustainable, less time with my kids, less time with time with family and friends.

If I am constantly complaining about something, then I need to do something about it! And then when you do something about it, things start to fall into place. I’m gonna eat better, I am gonna go to the gym 3 days a week and not have alcohol and guess what. I am a happier person when I am doing these things and I feel better, and my mind is happier!

And THIS RIGHT HERE is a complete shift in my mindset. Old Trish would have made a list of things that I MUST do, and it would all be extreme!! I would have gone really hard and then I would have become burnt out quickly. Instead, I figured out what I can do that I will be okay with’ What can I do that I know given all the things I am trying to accomplish in my life I can do and be okay with’ I do what is sustainable now!

There are a lot of moms out there that are so hard on themselves as a mom because you want to be and do and accomplish all the things. And there is a season for everything. When we were in fitness competitions, there were seasons too. But with parenting, I look at it as a season as well. I have to repeat myself 100 times before they realize it’s a habit! But it is working! This is the same way that we have to talk to ourselves and remind ourselves to do the things that will get us to where we want to be. Little by little it has become a habit for us!

If someone is listening to our conversation and they are contemplating working with me, what would you tell them” Should they work with me’
HELL YES! You NEED to work with Kim! You are going to find the best results working with Kim because she is a straight shooter, and she will break it down into consumable pieces that are attainable for everyone she works with. She will help you get to where you want to be with your body and your mindset!


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