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How Do We Connect”

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I’m taking another challenge and this one is all about social media. Today is all about how I will stay in touch with you using social media. Right now I have a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Pinterest account. Am I any good at anyone of them I’d like to say no. But moving forward here are the 3 things I will get better.

  1. Consistently post — not constantly, but consistently post health and fitness tips.
  2. Gather feedback from my followers and fans. With that said, I LOVE feedback, what would you want to hear more about!! — just shoot me an email.
  3. Step in front of the camera — I have had the privilege of meeting some of you in person and what I consistently hear and that I should step out from behind the computer and do live videos.

Stay tuned. You are going to start getting more health and fitness tips from me real soon. These past few weeks have been a great growth experience for me learning about me and how I can better service my clients.  Just like health and fitness. Blogging is a process and I’m grateful that you are going along this journey with me.


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