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Why You Need a Consistent Workout Routine

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When it comes to exercising, are you a weekend warrior’ Are you the one that only exercises sporadically, on weekends, when you have time or when you feel like it’

This stop start route is one harder on your body than if you would exercise on a more consistent basis and it will take you longer to achieve your fitness goal, (if you ever do). I call this exercise cha cha. You are taking one step forward and two steps back constantly wondering where and when will you see results!

You want you results, you need to develop consistency. Now I can tell you that a optimal routine looks like the combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training three to four times per week. I say optimal because here is where you need to look at your life and your mindset when it comes to working out. What would be an optimum number for you’

For me with my schedule 4 days work best for me. Now if you are at 1-2 based on your life that’s okay. I’m a big believer of starting where you are. Stop thinking where you “need to “ or where you “should be” you where you are and that’s ok. Soon enough you’ll be doing more than you think.

Having a consistent workout routine helps you to improves your mood. Exercising helps your brain to release endorphins. This is your body’s feel good hormone. It’s the reason why AFTER a workout you feel amazing!

Looking to drop some weight’ Consistency will help you build the muscle (larger muscles help burn more calories which will also help with weight loss), muscles need to be exercised at least every other day to have any real noticeable increase in size.

If you don’t yet have a consistent routine, you can create one by giving yourself a “trial period” of exercising four days per week, 15 minutes – 30 minutes per day, for thirty days. It takes anywhere from 30-66 days to turn an activity into a habit. If you find that you don’t like it after your trial period, you can go back to your old schedule (but most likely you won’t because it is now a habit).

Another way to build consistency to workout at the same time each day. For most people it works best to do it right after they get up in the morning. For the past 10 years I’ve been working out in the AM, I’m really into working out, but if I don’t do it first thing in the morning I can come up with a million reasons WHY and not do it. Then feel guiltily I didn’t drag my tushy out of bed to get it done.

What about you, what’s a time that you know that you can consistently get to the gym” Lunch time , after work”

Experiment and find which time works best for you and then stick to that time.

Now you are saying I’m not consistent with exercise cause I HATE IT!!! Here are a few ways

  1. Group Exercise – find a class that you like and treat It like an appointment
  2. Find something that you love to do
  3. Start small
  4. Buy nice workout clothes
  5. Download some awesome music that motivates
  6. Find some YouTube videos if you don’t want to leave the house

Practicing a regular exercise regimen will not only revive you physically, but also mentally. With consistency comes a gradual increase in muscle mass, reduced stress and an overall greater feeling of relaxation.

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