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Create Fitness Goals In A Way That Launch You Into Momentum

It happens to everyone, you get excited about starting a new diet, a new workout program or just ready to make serious change about you health! We set big goals and have big expectations about what’s possible for us!! On Fab Fit TV we will touch base on how to set smaller goals so that you can achieve momentum and actually achieve more.

During the show we will talk about what is a realistic goal. We’ve all done it, got all excited and gung ho for all the changes we were going to make in our lives. Yet, we forgot to focus on our current situation. I”m not saying that you can’t change, but you need to be realistic about how quickly you can make changes — are you a speedy sally, middle of the road mary or comfortable connie.

You all so need to consider the pitfalls. It’s called life, kids get sick, cars break down, bosses have us work late or bad weather. Whatever it is, there will always be something that pops up! How will you go around, over, under or burst right through when you face a set back’

How will you know how you are doing’ Remember when you were a kid and you were get to a new level in a game you’d want to save it and show off to anyone who would listen =) Grab your goal setting action guide right here.¬†¬†Watch the replay right here







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  1. Yes, momentum is necessary for fitness. Absolutely excellent post but that will be good if you add also information about this. But I like it thank you so much for sharing this!

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