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Creating A Sustainable Healthy Life Over 40

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One of my core principles is that I am always trying to share with you about what it takes to have sustainable health. Sustainable health is the cornerstone of my coaching practice! And it is what I am constantly working with my clients to have. A sustainable lifestyle of balanced exercise and nutrition where you can still live your life and feel good and happy in your body! With this, comes 3 things that I talk about when it comes to this. And that is my 5 C’s method and how to create your REPS. When you put both of these together that is the secret to creating a sustainable life!


My 5 C’s. 1) Clear about what it is you are doing so that your 2) choices line up so you have a 3) connection to your goals. 4) You then become creative about how to get to your goals. And 5) You have to have the courage to do something different! And ultimately, you will get to that place of consistency!

All of that wraps around to CREATING your REPS. Your goal(s) has to be realistic. You have to be excited about them. There has to be a plan. Ultimately it has to be sustainable!

SO! When I put those 2 together, that is how I create this sustainable life! And today, I am going to walk you through 7 ways to do that and get to this lifestyle.

First, we have to always examine… Where are you? Take an assessment. Let’s look at the landscape of your life. Where are you? What is on our schedule? What seasons am I in? Can I take on something big? When I examine what is going on, I am less disappointed. What am I trying to achieve? Get clear about what it is I am trying to achieve. And how am I going to define my success?

As you look over your landscape, I want you to divide it into 6 buckets. What are you doing every single day to get you closer to your goal? Focus on the things that are going to be the dial movers.
● Stress management
● Sleep
● Self-Care
● Exercise
● Nutrition
● Mindset

I did an entire podcast all about the 6 BIG ROCKS! I recommend listening to it if you want to learn more about these 6 big movers in your life. Which one of those 6 big movers feels the easiest that you can start to manage today? What am I already doing and have on lock? Where is that focus?

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET. And that mindset shift is that I need to pick a pace and make peace with it. When it comes to running marathons, you have to find that sweet spot pace. That you can do over and over again and it doesn’t feel like it’s hard. Then as you get closer to your end goal for the run, you still have something in your tank to build up speed. By the time you see the finish line, you are sprinting to it. You have to PICK THAT PACE! This is all about MINDSET! Think of it as a 3-lane highway. You have the slow lane, the middle-of-the-road lane, and the fast lane. Where can I be with where I am in life? Decide that I am okay with the speed I am at right now in my life.

Define what Success looks like to you! I always challenge people with this. People always say what they want, but it is always open-ended and has no DEFINITION. When you have a vision of where you want to go, you become connected. THIS is your WHY. You need a WHY. The WHY is your MOTIVATION. Here is where we have to define what success is and be okay with it looking a little different than we think it is. You are in control! If you’re tired, you can define that you want something different.

Small Daily actions are going to get you closer to your goals. I grew up in the era, go big or go home. But this is not consistent. It is what you can do consistently. Day in and Day out. “You are what you repeatedly do.” – James Clear

In order to get your results, you have to change your habits and your system, and you’ll hit your goal. This is my Fit Girl Magic Formula. I have great habits. That led to great routines. Those routines lead to consistency and it’s the consistency that gets me results. THIS right here is a step-by-step repeatable process.

If you stop chasing hard and you break down the habit to its smallest action step, as you build on it, you are eventually going to get to where we want to go.
● Slow you butt down, make peace with the pace.
● Slowly moving the dials.
● Small daily actions
But you have to choose a habit that feels easy to you right now. If you hate running, then don’t choose that! Pick something that makes you feel comfortable.

What does your environment look like? Is your world set up for success? Whatever the goal is you are working on, is your world set up for that success? If I am trying to work out, do I have some stuff at home? If I am trying to get more sleep, do I have a ton of distractions and things happening throughout the night stopping me from getting sleep? If you’re not set up for success, how can you do that? What are the skills that I need to improve on? You need a plan that helps you achieve your goals!

Learn something new that works for you. Here is your permission to stop crushing it every damn day. Working out shouldn’t feel like a punishment. Working out shouldn’t feel like a job. That is when one of the things I discovered is I was done with the stops and starts. One week on point, then stop. That is when I discovered metabolic conditioning. This is when I learned to do something different with my body and life. It brought back JOY into my life. I enjoyed working out again. I was lifting weights and doing cardio AND I was in and out of the gym in 30 minutes! It may be time that you learn and create a new plan that helps you achieve your goals!

ACSM says that you only need 150 minutes a week of exercise and 2 of those days, strength training! Got over the duration and constantly and started FOCUSING on the INTENSITY and my CONSISTENCY. How much longer can you keep up with your current workout schedule? So, imagine you are no longer spinning your wheels and you are going 2-3 days a week in 30 minutes or less. Spending less time and getting done what you want!! Helping you to lose body fat while gaining muscle mass, WHILE boosting your metabolism. This was one of the big shifts I had to make to create MY sustainable life!!

I had to ENJOY the process and not just the results. Because when I keep focusing just on the results, that is when I get disappointed. In my mind this week I did all I needed to do but look in the mirror and nothing is changing then you are off that magic plan. This is where I want you to think about… If I keep looking at the results, I will always want to quit. But if I start thinking about how to get to the results? How do I create this so it’s repeatable? Then it will keep you going! You will be less inclined to beat yourself up!

So, if you mess up, instead of throwing out the whole plan, see what step you have to go back to? Which step do I have to go back to and see if it’s too hard?

This is one of the reasons why you have a coach! Because if you do mess up, if you are moving too fast, or too slow, a coach can help you to see your blind spots. We all have blind spots!

SOO!!! I really want you to start thinking about where you are right now?
● Take that assessment.
● What are you doing? What are the daily actions you are doing? Are they moving you closer to your goal or further away?
● Where is my mindset? Is it in that place of having to do all the things? Or is it in a place where you don’t want to do anything that is different.
● Have I taken the time to define what it is I am working so hard towards? What does success look like for me?
● Is my environment set up for success?
● Do I need to learn something else? I am talking as you broke down your 6 big rocks. Something working on or something in the hopper needing more skills.
● Am I enjoying what I am doing? Am I enjoying my workouts? I do them and I don’t dread them! If you are dreading them, they may be a bit too challenging right now or you are doing it over and over again and just sick of it.

You got a choice; ​​you can continue working hard with little or nothing to show for it OR you can be that person that wants to find joy at the gym again, wants to look forward to workouts, wants to look forward to a healthy sustainable life and just feel good in their body and FINALLY feel the success they have been looking for with less effort. Let me help you get this! Let me help you get there!


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