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Creating A Wellness Vision That Gets Results

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I hate when women struggle, in fact one of my biggest pet peeve is when I see women struggle, and let me be the first to tell you, you don’t have to. One of the biggest reasons why women struggle is because they haven’t cast a vision of where they want to be. 

When I first start working with my clients to come up with a vision. It my job as a coach to help you see the importance of creating that vision. Now, here’s where beliefs come in. I work with women over 40 and some of them say to me, Girl, I’ve been dieting since I’ve been 15. How do I finally, break free’ Vision is a challenge for them, because for as long as they’ve been dieting, they know where they want to be. I get the frustration. I’ve been in that place where you want what you want, and you want it right frickin’ now.  

Now is the time for you to stop for 10 hot minutes and draw up a blueprint of where you want to be. DREAM BIG! Do you remember when you were a kid you dreamed so easily and no one told you your dream was crazy or impossible. Somewhere along the way though we started to believe that not everything is possible, and we can’t do it all. I’m going to start chipping away at that belief.

Not sure how to create one, I’ve mapped out the blueprint right here.  Click here to grab your copy 

Why Is A Vision’

A vision is what helps you set your priorities. So many women jump around from goal to goal and never really settle on one thing. When you don’t settle on something you can’t see progress and when you don’t see progress you get frustrated and you stop, or you are off seeking something else.  

To avoid that frustration keep it simple, though not often easy question.

How do YOU define success’

What does an ideal day look like for you’

Can you sustain that and live a happy life without that roller coaster that many of us have gone through 

This vision helps you really stay focused on what matters most to usIt helps you define your why. My vision is I believe every woman should feel comfortable in their body.  

The best part about having a vision is that once you have a plan in place, you start to create this movie in your mind, and your brain starts to think, “I’m that girl who just knows what to do.” It makes you ask yourself things like, “What is the one small step I could take right now and feel like I can do that for the next week, next 30 days'”  Think big then bring it back to at least one small step you can take. 

 From there you focus in on your motivation. Maybe your why is that you want to be able to go into your closet and wear whatever the hell you want to wear. Awesome! But is that enough to motivate you’ When it’s freezing cold or raining outside, is wearing what you want to wear going to get you out of bed and to the gym’ And I’m not going to want to get out of bed and go to the grocery store. Is that enough’  I’ve been very honest with anyone who asked, there are mornings when the alarm clock goes off at quarter five, and I was like, sweet Georgia Brown. Not today. Sometimes what motivates you is your overall goal. Other times, it’s being accountable to someone else, someone that you don’t want to disappoint, who will hold your feet to the fire, and won’t cave when you start to bat your eyes and throw a pity party.  

 So now, you know your why and what motivates you, but do you know what to do if you run into a challenge’ It’s inevitable that somewhere, sometime along your journey, life is going to happen. We all have challenges. I want you to think about what could come up — childcare, work, spouses, other family members, sickness, etc. What are the obstacles that can come up’ Then, start thinking of plan B’s. Put contingency plans in place so when something goes wrong, you don’t get stuck in it. You always have a direction that you can move next whether that’s putting one foot in front of the other or you need to pivot to make progress.  

Using the action guide and planning out a blueprint for your vision is a great first step to reaching your goals. To gain and keep momentum, take the time to define your why, find your motivation, and tune in to the Fit Girl Magic Podcast.  

Want to learn more — listen to the Fit Girl Magic podcast.


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