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The Danger of “Fat Free” Foods

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Back in the 80s we were told to run from fat like it was the plague. Some of us despite hearing otherwise we are still living in the no fat, low fat lifestyle.

I wanted to share with you that eating fat-free foods is unhealthy and can potentially dangerous’ Say what now” Seriously fat makes you fat right”  To  become fit, I should eat less fat, right’ Not necessarily.

Good fats provide many health benefits. Good fats are pretty much any oil, that’s not soy, vegetable or corn oil.  Nuts and nut butters are good fats, but oils are more easily absorbed by your body. Yes, there are “bad fats” contained in fast and processed foods, and they should be avoided. But there are many reasons why fat-free foods and a low-fat diet can lead to poor health.

Understanding the danger of eating too many fat-free foods is important if you want to lose weight, get in shape and feel great.

Annemarie Colbin, PhD, is a noted author and expert in the fields of natural health and physical wellness. She has noted that most Americans and others around the world are “out of touch” with proper nutrition practices. She admits that excess fat can stress your liver and cause multiple health problems.

But she and other health and nutrition experts point out that fat is actually 1 of the 3 essential macro nutrients your body needs to function properly. And as we mentioned earlier, some fats promote health. Omega 6, Omega 3, linoleic and linolenic acids and other essential fatty acids help keep you warm in the winter by actually breaking down fat. Think about a bear hibernating. It lives off of its body fat.

Good fats also keep your cell walls strong and deliver proper hormone functioning, especially for women. So now that you know a fat-free diet is unhealthy, let’s look at the negative side of most popular fat-free foods.

Regular mayonnaise, for example, is basically about 85% to 95% fat. For it to be fat-free, what replaces the fat’ The answer is, usually gum, sugar, starch and other artificial ingredients that is hard on your body to process. Fat-free sour cream uses the same replacements, as do most other fat-free food products, which is what makes them so dangerous.

The inclusion of tons of sugar in fat-free foods is what makes you gain weight. So the next time you reach for a fat-free food item when you are shopping, compare its nutrition label with its non-fat-free counterpart. Find out what is actually used to replace the fat, and you will probably discover you are eating a sugar-packed, starchy and unhealthy food item.

And don’t forget, fat gives you a feeling of fullness.[Tweet ” A half teaspoon of regular mayonnaise is a much better health alternative than the 2 tablespoons of fat-free mayonnaise”] you will need to eat to get the same “full” feeling.

[Tweet “The danger of fat-free foods is that they make you eat too much, they encourage your body to crave and store sugar which turns to fat”], and they don’t satisfy your feelings of hunger. [Tweet “Essential fatty acids and other quality fats are beneficial for your nails, skin and hair, they promote a healthy immune system, heart and liver, and help your entire body function properly.”]


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