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{Day 14} Doubt!

Call it what you will. Doubt, self sabotage, fear. What have — at the end of the day it paralyzes you and keeps you from moving forward. A few months ago I read the Slight Edge and the big take away from that book was two fold — easy to do and easy not to.

Not making the changes you want to make that falls into the easy to do category. Looking at yourself with regret, anger and embarrassment, again, easy to do.

Now flip the coin, how would it you feel about yourself, when you are putting forth your best efforts to meet OR exceed your goals.  Now that’s not easy to do, you’ll need to set a plan and take action toward your goals.

Here are 2 great articles I wrote in the past the can further help you with doubt.

Are You Willing’Doubt

Doubt can only be removed by action. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here we are 14 days in take what has been holding you back” Have you been following along faithfully, have you been taking action on the homework. Or are you sitting back saying I’ll get to it.

Today’s assignment

  1. Write down the 1 thing that is holding you back from taking actions on your goals you set during this challenge.
  2. Now write down the 2 small actions that you can take in the next 48 hours to get moving forward.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

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6 thoughts on “{Day 14} Doubt!”

  1. My roadblock is my commitment to my goal on the weekends. I need to find a stronger source of pleasure to disrupt my pattern of having wine or a beer. I’m going to experiment this weekend with a new reward….if you don’t have the “drinks” you can download the new song(s) you really want. -I love getting new music, so I think this reward will really help me with creating a new pattern!

  2. TIME!!! I have a crazy crazy schedule and have a hard time getting to everything. However, since starting this challenge have done very well in adding everything in. One thing I would like to do to move a couple of things along is buy or setup my success journal so that I can begin to document the things I’ve accomplished so far and then I need to set aside some time to write down my weekly goals so that I don’t stress when I don’t get things done.

  3. @christine Sounds like a good idea. I find that when I sit down at the beginning of the week and map out my must haves vs my nice to haves. I like call it good, better and best. Now we all want to have “best week ever” all the time, but sometimes we need to settle for good every once in a while. Remember day 2, don’t beat yourself up.

  4. Failure…I have the fear of failing and not meeting my ultimate goals. I’m afraid that no matter what I do it won’t work. I also understand that it is Debbie Downer in my head that I have to kick the ever living crap out of to get over that fear.

  5. @michele how much do you want it!!! My favorite Bill Cosby quote is want it more than you fear it. Break down your fear. What are you really afraid of. I know how big your goals break them down so that don’t feel so huge. Make sure you are taking your goals and breaking them down and know that if you fall down it’s okay to dust yourself off and get back up.

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