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{Day 15} Rewards And Consquences’

Here we are 1/2 way through the challenge how are you doing’ Are you following through every day on the assignments’ I really would love some feedback. This is the first time I’ve run this time of  type challenge. Is it too much to do it daily or would it be better to do on a weekly basis.  Please shoot me an email to give me feedback. You really can’t hurt my feelings, I really want to know I have can best serve you.

Have you been struggling’ Do you know what you should doing but are unable to actually do it” Get in line that’s how most people operate. No matter how convinced we are that we want to start a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, start exercising, eating better, drinking more water, etc. it seems very challenging almost to the point of overwhelm.

Don’t stress out; life would be very boring if we all could just easily do the “right thing.” I don’t know about you, but I’m AWESOME at coming up with excuses. I can justify ANYTHING. Am I alone”  The excuses I build in my mind all seem logical and even very rational. I was really good yesterday so I deserve to have a cookie today; I’m swapped at lunch so I’ll go to the gym after work, I’ll be more effective then; it’s so and so’s birthday, going away party etc I can’t blow off drinks it would be rude. And so on. We forget that even though our reasoning has some logic to it, it’s not GOOD logic and it doesn’t lead us to our dreams. So how do we get ourselves to act on our goals’

Sadly, we respond better to consequences than we do to rewards.  Consequences actually force your brain to look for ways to solve your problems and keep your promises with the energy it would normally use to justify making excuses. Consequences need to be annoying but not physically painful. Here are examples of consequences.

  • If you stay up past your bed time you need to sleep on the floor
  • You miss a workout, you leave $10 somewhere for a stranger to find
  • No cellphone for the day
  • No social media for the day
  • No watching TV

Are you picking up with I’m putting down”  We are quick to blow off a promise we make to ourselves, but if there is a consequence associated with we may less likely to do it. The best way to burn in a consequence is to share it with someone who can help hold you to your word.

Today’s assignment:

  1. If you are struggling to keep up with the challenge — what consequence will you assign to yourself to ensure you start taking action from this point forward.
  2. If you are keeping up with the challenge — how are you doing with your goals’ You assignment today is to assign consequences to all your goals.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

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6 thoughts on “{Day 15} Rewards And Consquences’”

  1. Consequences for not hitting my weight loss goals each week: no use of iphone on the way to and from work (50mins on the commuter rail, with nothing to distract me would drive me insane!) Not sticking to my meal plan for the week would mean no new music downloads.

  2. I am HUGH on social media so if I don’t meet my daily fitness goals I loose Facebook for 24 hrs. Oh boy. I actually love this challenge because this is what we do to our children. Act a certain way and you loose xBox. I never thought to apply this same concept to myself, the adult. Coodoes to you Kim.

  3. This will be interesting……I am going to have to hold myself accountable!
    Preparing my food on Sunday – If I don’t meet this I have to give my husband $5
    Working out 3/4 days a week – If I don’t meet this I will not be allowed to watch tv
    Completing my daily goals in a timely manner – I don’t get any extra coffee
    Planning my workouts and meals weekly – If I don’t meet this I have to give my daughter $5
    Writing down weekly goals (every week) and prioritizing them – I will have to do dishes

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