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{ Day 19} Know Before You Go!

Most of my clients say to me it’s all well and good when I’m home, but how do I manage traveling, vacations or eating out. I promise you can still be social and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Know before you. Most restaurants have their menus online. Go there and check it out. Most restaurants can accommodate specials requests. I highly recommend you ask nicely — you get more with honey than with vinegar. I always start with “Is it possible….” If it’s not have a plan B.
  2. Don’t arrive hungry. Have a small snack before you go.
  3. Navigating the menu.
    1. Pass on the bread basket
    2. Look for simple, clean ingredients
    3. Skip the appetizers and have a salad (dressing on the side) or clear soup
    4. If your meal comes with a not so healthy choice — as if you could replace it with a veggie or even extra veggies. Here’s my philosophy as much as it kills my husband when I do it. If I see another veggie paired with a dish I’m not eating I will ask “Is it possible to have .. the asparagus with my dish’
    5. Don’t afraid to ask for details.
    6. Ask if your meal can be cooked without oil and butter
    7. Ask if you could have it grilled , baked or steamed
    8. Have an appetizer as an entree
    9. Sauces on the size

*If this is a treat meal, then you can have a fun appetizer, meal, dessert OR alcohol.

Best choices are different restaurants

Italian Food
Protein — grilled, baked or broiled Any protein works best — meatballs are okay (ask how they are prepped)
Salads — dressing on the side
Pizza is a treat –you  make it a little healthier with whole wheat crust or  by adding a protein topping
Pasta is a treat
Skip the cheeses, Alfredo sauces and the cured meats

Mexican Food
Protein — grilled, baked or broiled
Guacamole — watch your portions
Skip the chips, beans and rice  — sorry

Sashimi is great or ask that your rolls be made without rice
Skip the fried AKA tempura

Protein — grilled, baked or broiled
Non fried rolls
Tom Yum soup

Stick with steamed proteins and brown rice
Most Chinese food is cooked with a lot of oil and sodium

Will you be traveling” Clean Food Ideas For Travel

Today’s assignment. 

  1. What’s your favorite place to eat out’ Take look at the menu and how can you make one of their dishes healthier.
  2. If you are traveling how could you make travel a little easier.

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  1. Well this was on my to do list. Glad to see this because now it forces me to get it done. I am also scheduling in my gym time. 😉

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