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[Day 2] Get Your Mind Straight

Mindset is everything. In the video below I talk about getting your mind wrapped around this challenge.

Here are a few of my favorite fitness quotes.



Day 2 Challenge Homework:

  1. Why are you doing this challenge’
  2. What you do like that you are doing for fitness and/or nutrition right now’
  3. What do you want to change about what you are doing’
  4. What does success look, feel, taste and smell like’

Missed day 1” Click here to start at the beginning.

Don’t forget keep us all posted on how you are doing.

You can leave a comment below. A Facebook post on my Fab Fit Squad page.

I’m also using Pinterest to track this as well.




10 thoughts on “[Day 2] Get Your Mind Straight”

  1. Ok, my goal is to lose weight, feel better about myself..more confidence/positive body image and to stay focused on my nutrition. I would like to change my clothes size…don’t really care about the number on scale, just being able to wear the clothes in my closet, stop being so hard on my self through negative self talk, stop making excuses that I will just start tomorrow b/c that’s bullshit!
    Success feels great! I don’t have to be concerned about hiding my muffin top -lol, fitting into my favorite jeans, I feel confident in my appearance, not hide behind baggy clothes at the gym. I see my self making all the right choices and not making excuses. There aren’t too many things that I can’t really change to be more successful besides my work hours or commute. I go to the gym at least 4x’s a week before work. My obligations are homework with the kids at night, hockey practice and games on the weekends. All things that I know I can fit into my schedule and still stay on track! 🙂

  2. I’m here to set goals, make exercise a daily part of my life, stop the little monster inside my head who says I can’t do it and take care of myself.

  3. Why are you doing this challenge?

    I’m doing this challenge to give myself some motivation. I currently have a goal of competing in an upcoming competition and I need to have someone pushing me. I can get to the gym and lose weight on my own, but I always seem to do better when I have that “backup”.

    What you do like that you are doing for fitness and/or nutrition right now?

    Currently, I like what I am doing for nutrition right now (a particular diet that works for me) because I am continuing to lose weight and I feel better and better everyday.

    What do you want to change about what you are doing?

    I would like to get to the gym on regular basis. I have an extremely busy schedule between work and the kids schedules, however I know there is time in the day when they are asleep that I can head to the gym or even get up in the morning early and get an hour workout in.

    What does success look, feel, taste and smell like?

    Currently success is feeling great. If I feel great, then it really doesn’t matter what I weight. Granted sometimes feeling great is based on exactly that….what the scale says!!!! But, I know that is not the only factor. When I am getting to the gym, eating right and doing all tasks and getting to every activity, then all is right in the world and I am successful.

  4. Kim, I’m going to do the Mrs. Massachusetts America pageant in March. I need to seriously firm up my butt and thighs!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Awesome — Good luck bringing back those pageant days =). While the weather is still nice get outside and sprint. Nothing tones up your lower body like sprints. You just need about 15 min 2x/week.

  6. Yep here I am late. Sry. Been working. I am here to keep me moving forward towards my goal. Not giving up on it. I still want to compete.

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