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{Day 20} Courage, Strength and Grace

This summer I was watching the highlights of the ESPYs for my non sports folks, the ESPYs are like the Ocars for all sports. Every year they have the Arthur Ashe Award and this year Robin Roberts from Good Morning America won the award. I listened to her speech and was so moved I wanted to share it with you.


After watching this speech I’m left with this as a mantra — This to shall pass. I say it whenever I feel I’m facing a big challenge or I’m feeling overwhelmed. I take a deep breath and say This to shall pass. Can you adopt this as your mantra when you feel overwhelmed, what could you say when you are feeling overwhelmed or even a little discouraged.

I strongly believe with belief in yourself and the process, you can preserve.  One of the lines from Robin’s speech that I love is “let faith answer the door”.  Please don’t take this to be religious I think faith in oneself is just as important as faith in a higher power.

I’m also a big believer in theme songs. My theme changes every year and right now I have two that have helped me through some tough spots.

Everybody’s Got Their Something


Today’s challenge

  1. When things get tough where will you find your strength’ What will be your mantra’ Do you have someone you can reach out to that can give you a pep talk ‘
  2. What will be your theme song”

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2 thoughts on “{Day 20} Courage, Strength and Grace”

  1. My theme song is the easy one … I have a life one that actually carried me through the Academy Survivor by Destiny Child. Holy Grail for throughout my day and when Im feeling like ah I had a enough at the gym I play Til I Collapse and lose yourself by Eminem.

    I must say that you have been a great support for me and even though I know I was paying for it a while ago you showed me a genuine thought for my success. Now that I am in the boat where I can not afford it you didn’t cut me out of your life. I appreciate that for that is keeping me going. Through all my ups and downs you are still there behind the curtains that will open up for me someday. I still have my dream and this journey is not as easy as I thought it would be. I am learning. 7 hours of sleep last night, breakfast and getting my oldest son off to school within a half hour of waking and leaving for the gym. I will post a status on my page for things for me to do daily. Maybe even put it on the Frig.

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