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Day 30 — I made it!!!

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In July, my colleague Stephanie told me I had a lot of ideas and I struggled with follow through. That made me take step back and pause. I don’t have follow through on things that are ABOUT ME! So.. this blog challenge for me was about 2 things.

1. really setting my focus and going for it!!! and 2. following through.

This has been a little bit longer than 30 days, but guess what!!! I did it!! I finished it I did have some hiccups along the way, but I kept plugging along. I’ve laid out my plan for what I want to do with my business and how it could be possible for it to be done remotely.   This summer was a good trial when we were away and I was able to still run my business and have a good time on vacation.

I’m glad I did this. It really helped me to make out a plan and get organized. Now that I’m organized it’s time to take ACTION!

Watch out over the next few months here are somethings you can expect to see.

  • FREE full workouts including videos
  • FREE 30 day challenges ~ including workouts, motivation and nutrition advice
  • Recipe books
  • More coaching programs
  • Did I mention videos!

So buckle up.. it’s going to be an amazing year for us all!!!


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