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Deadlines do not scare me. I let go of worry and concentrate on getting things done.

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Right now I am working on a HUGE goal. It’s been offered to me 3 times previously and I’ve kinda sorta worked for it. This time. I’m working my little tushy off to hit this goal! I had a big wall of doubt come up, but I pushed it to the side. My focus is on getting it DONE. For those of you, read my blog or follow me on Facebook know that one of my mottos is #gsd — that means get shit done!

So how do I put head down and relax into the process of hitting my goal’ I plan ahead and break my task into manageable pieces. I know that procrastination only makes things more difficult for me, so I start on a project as early as I can in order to ease the pressure as the deadline approaches.

I let go of the idea that things will just come together and instead take the time to make solid plans. I decide early if I’m going to need more supplies, more research, or more help. This way I have the time to find just what I need in a relaxed and thoughtful manner.

I organize my steps, dividing the task into pieces that I know I can handle. I am far more productive when I choose to do a little bit every day, than if I save it all for a last minute crunch.

I know when to delegate and have people lined up who can help me if, despite my best efforts, I find myself in a bind near the end of a project. Because I have taken the time to help them when they were the ones in need, I know I will be able to count on them to help me.

I am proactive. By approaching each project with care and thoughtfulness, I am confident that I will be able to reach full completion without undue worry.

This is approach my seem rigid, it is, but there is also flexibility. I look at it like this, if I were going to be driving to California from Boston, I would use a map and plot my drive, but I would also know that stuff will happen along the route. It’s my PLAN that will help me to minimize those disruptions and stay the course.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I proactive or reactive when faced with a deadline’
2. Do I give myself time to deal with unexpected issues that might arise’
3. Have I fostered a team mentality by my own willingness to help others so I can get help when I need it’


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