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Define Freedom And Adventure

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Three years ago was one of the worst winters in Boston’s history. It seemed like everyday it snowed at least 6 inches.  During that time everyday I was either teaching a group fitness class and/or training in the early AM four days/week.  In order for me to be on time, I had to get up and walk to the bus stop in the blinding snow or get up at 4:30am to make sure I was able to dig out my car to make it to the gym on time. It was about February when I said UNCLE! Basically my car got stuck in it’s parking spot and I basically lost it. I had to wake my husband at [5:30]AM to take his car so I wouldn’t miss the class. It was at that point I said, I wanted to create a life for myself where I didn’t have to set an alarm clock and if I did set an alarm clock it was for one of two reasons:

  1. I was going on vacation as was on the first flight out of town
  2. I was going to get in my own PERSONAL workout

Let’s flash forward to today and guess what I don’t get up in the AM unless it’s for one of those 2 reasons stated above. Was it a difficult transition. It was a little hard moving clients to the evening hours and yes giving up my classes, but my happiness far out weighs the cost of not getting a good night sleep because I was worried that I would over sleep. I was also missing out on my life because I would not do anything with friends during the week, because of my hard bed time. Trust me without my 8 hours lets just say I’m not the most bubbly person. =) This readjustment in my schedule enabled me to do what I really loved to do – online coaching. I was able to now book appointments later in the evening to better accommodate my working clients.

I would define freedom and adventure as having the time to do what I really love to do. I’m still working on the adventure part, but that’s something that I’m committed to make happen in 2014. The adventure part would be to live somewhere other than my primary residence for 4 weeks at a time. Ideally it would move to three months.

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