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Define The Reason for Your Weight Loss Journey

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If you want to lose weight successfully, you must have a solid reason for starting this journey.  This is so that when you are feeling a little down, a little unmotivated, you have something focus on my mindto think about that will help get you back in the right frame of mind. This will help you to continue until you hit your weight loss goal.  I call this your fitness why. For me your fitness why needs to be personal. I find that when someone else sets the terms you are less likely to follow through and complete your journey.

Typically when I say this, folks are like I’m not sure what you are you talking about, please just TELL me what to do.  So.. I’m going to give you a few thoughts to get your brain moving.

  1. You Want To Be There for Your Children —Do you like idea of going for bike rides or splashing about in the pool with the family’ This can be a great motivational factor that can help you to stay on track with your weight loss ambitions. Plus you can include them in your journey, going for walks, bike rides or playing in the yard. You can also include them in making healthy dinners. All of this will teach them the importance of health at a young age.
  2. You Want To Fit Into Your Old Clothes — Gaining weight is usually a gradual process. Sometimes you will not even notice that you have increased in pounds until you go and try on a particular outfit in your wardrobe. You suddenly realize that a particular dress doesn’t slip over your hips as easily as it used to. You find that the waistband on a pair of pants is tighter or hell just doesn’t button anymore. Hate when that happens. Maybe you have multiple sizes in your closet. I know I do and I hate it. You see when I competed for 9 years I had no idea what size I was because I was either getting ready for a show OR coming off a show so my body was all over the map. Over the last few years of not competing my goal is to settle down my weight and get steady of one size. How about you’  Weight loss doesn’t have to be dramatic. It could be as simple as dropping 5 -10 pounds.
  3. You Want To Get Healthy — Many people start a weight loss journey because they want to get healthy. Maybe you fit into this camp. You know that you are eating all the wrong kinds of food or maybe not as well as you know you should be eating. You may be slacking on fruit, vegetables, protein and other important nutrients.

Instead of looking at this as a weight loss journey, you might want to consider changing your mindset so that you are working towards a new healthy lifestyle.  The bonus would be a reduction in weight due to the decrease in unhealthy food and increased movement. These are just three possible reasons why you might want to lose weight. You might have your own ideas so put some serious thought into it.  I would love to hear them, please leave me a comment below. If you know exactly why you are losing the weight, you will have something that will help keep you working towards that goal.

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