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What’s Your Dieting Style’

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The key to finally stop dieting and making living healthy easy is all about building a foundation. It’s an absolute must. As easy as it would be to skip to the end of the book, I’m sorry my queen, you can’t avoid it or buy your way through.

Seriously, think about all the money that you’ve spent on diet books, programs, trackers or whatever else you thought would accelerate your results.

Trust me I tried.

In the beginning of my fitness journey I bought it all!!! I was trying to skip the foundation stage. I wanted results so bad that I did what ever I could to make them happen and guess what they always seemed to backfire on me.

Over the years I’ve broken down the fitness journey into three stages.

Speedy Sally
She makes changes easily and she calls herself a gym rat. When she makes up her mind to make a change, it’s done.

Middle Mary
She’s very adaptable. She can move fast of slow depending upon the situation. At times she likes to negotiate the changes to make it work for her

Comfortable Connie
She makes a spreadsheet for her spreadsheet. If things are mapped out exactly she Is overwhelmed and not sure what to do. She is a perfectionist and needs to completely understand the how before she can take action.

Which one sounds like you”

Wanna find out” Give this quiz a try,


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