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10 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work!

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Americans spend between $33 and $40 billion on diet programs, books, products and other gimmicks.  We are obsessed with getting leaner and meaner, but we aren’t obsessed with the hard work that it takes to achieve the slim trim figure that they are seeking. Below are the top 10 reasons why diets don’t work.

  1. You follow a diet that you can’t stick with because a friend of yours has seen results.
    You’re better off finding a diet that works for the type of eater that you are.  Carb junkie, try the Mediterranean diet the high good fat content will help keep you satiated. Meat lover, try a slightly, again slightly higher protein intake level. Take your weight in pounds ÷ 2 = grams of protein/day.
  1. You don’t eat breakfast or eat enough for breakfast.
    Eating breakfast can help you lose weight, yes, it can.  If you answer for why you don’t eat in the AM is because you don’t feel hungry, take a look at what you are eating in the evening prior. Breakfast eaters have lost on average 30 pounds more than non-breakfast eater.  Be sure to include a carbohydrate, and a protein. Below are to examples of great breakfasts.
    No cook breakfast recipe Ricotta Pancakes
  2. You don’t count calories.
    Trust me, when you don’t write down what you eat, you may be eating MORE than you think. Especially if you are a nibbler, you know who you are, you pick all day long. Guess what it ADDS up!! Or are you that person who doesn’t eat ALL day and then gorges yourself in the evening. Get a grip on what you’re eating by keeping a food log, this will tell you what type of eater you are and how many calories you are actually consuming.
  3. You skip meals.
    The USDA recently reported that waiting 4-5 hours between meals will cause you to overeat.  If your excuse is that I can’t get away from my desk or I have back to back meetings and don’t have time to eat.  Stock your drawers, glove box, gym bag what have you have with healthy snacks ~ whole grain cereals, pre-packaged nuts, Greek Yogurt or fresh fruit.
  4. You load up on superfoods.
    These may be good for you, but too much of a good thing is bad for you. Make sure you are eating, nuts, avocados, dried fruit in MEASURED quantities.
    Superfood: Blueberries
  5. You workout so you can eat whatever you want.
    So you just go back from a kick out spin class or lifting weights, so now that means you can eat whatever you want right, I mean you EARNED, right! AHHH, NO!!!! Unless you are wearing one of those heart rate monitors that can accurately measure that amount of calories you expended and you are tracking what you eat with a fine tooth comb, you are very likely to OVEREAT! A great post workout meal includes quick acting carbohydrate such as a piece of fruit and a protein like a yogurt. Instead of rewarding yourself with food have about a nice massage after a certain number of workouts.
  6. You live it up on the weekends.
    Monday-Friday you are watching every morsel you put in your mouth, then the weekends come and you lose your GOD DAMN mind. These activities bring all your dieting efforts to a screeching halt.  Be sensible on the weekend, give yourself a cheat meal, no one needs to be deprived.
  7. You’re a stress eater/drinker.
    You had a bad day so you dive deep into the chocolate, the ice cream or cocktails. Give in, but put a limit on it. Instead of shotgunning a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s go and have 1 scoop, yes 1 scoop will help feel better without putting it on your ass.
  8. You are sleeping enough.
    You go to bed to late, stress or children keep you from sleeping. Poor sleeping conditions will cause you to overeat or under eat. See I’m Exhausted for more tips on how to get a good night sleep.
  9. Not getting enough exercise.
    Just watching what you eat will not help you lose weight, you will need to MOVE. You heard me MOVE. You will need to budget 25 minutes 5/week to exercise. Now am I saying go out run 5 miles, not at all. You can start simply by walking at lunch or going a extra few blocks with the dog during your morning or evening walks, Fido would appreciate it.
  10. Not drinking enough water.
    When we don’t drink enough water, its easy confuse hunger with thirst. I know they say you drink a gallon. Pick yourself up off the floor, I know a gallon is a lot, but I’m not saying walk around like the bodybuilders you see at the gym loaded up with their gallon of Poland Springs.  But what I am saying is that if you purchase a waterbottle that holds exactly 1 quart and you give yourself a goal to drink 4 of your waterbottles in 12 hours, guess what you’ve drank your gallon of water SURPRISE.

Do you have any other reasons why you think diets don’t work. Do you have any tips that might help others achieve their goals.


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