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Discover The Secret To Setting Strong Boundaries

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A few years ago, I was listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast and how it helped with my productivity big time!  She introduced me to a concept called Tiger Time. It’s a way to create a ritual around a specific time in your day. This is the time you are going to protect as if you were a tiger protecting your cub!  This concept resonated with me and I’m thinking many of you could use this in your life.

As we head into the new year, a lot of us have these goals, dreams, and ambitions with all the things we want to get done.  And the number 1 reason why I hear people cannot commit to something is time or that time got away from me. Time is always going to be one of the top 3 reasons why you don’t think you can hit your goals!

This concept of Tiger Time is what really helped save me. I didn’t have a name for it at the time, but I had to BOX OUT TIME specifically for me to get stuff done. Many of us don’t do that and usually, time is the reason why a lot of people stop or don’t start.   Everyone else’s needs take a higher priority than yours. You stop being consistent with your workouts because you are meeting everyone else’s needs and not yours.. But what you need to do instead; you have to start to block out time and protect that time as if it were our tiger cub!!

If I don’t hear my body whisper, I cannot hear it scream.  So many of you are tired, have no energy, are exhausted, and don’t sleep. Exercise and eating better are the foundation for you, my friend!  Especially if you are over 40.  Nutrition is paramount for you to start and where to start, and it has to start with you making time for yourself to do these things.

My tiger time is my workout and I fiercely protect that.  I needed this in my life so that I didn’t feel so fried!  to do that I knew I needed to work out in the AM. It started with making sure I set a bedtime. This became another tiger time for me!  Tiger time is the time we need for ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be 2-3 hours, you need to put some time in your calendar and block it out, even if it’s just 15-30 minutes.

How do you get to this tiger time?
It’s going to be a huge mindset shift for many of you.  First, you are going to want to define what is your tiger time.  What in that time is going to happen?
For me, I get up at 6:45 am, and then I work out downstairs at 7.  From 7:00 am – 8:00 am is my workout time, then 8:00 am – 9:00 am is my coffee time, and journal time to help ease my way into my day.  Those first 2 hours are KIM TIME!  (M, W, and Th are my workout days with 7-8 being my times that is what I carve out!)

Now you have defined what it is, then you are going to commit to it! Commit to it for at least 30 days.  If you are just starting out and an hour seems a bit much, you can do it for as little as 15 minutes.  There are tons of workouts that are 15-20 minutes long!  Psst… if you search the hashtag #fatburningfriday you’ll find a ton.

Then figure out within that time, what are you trying to do. What are you trying to accomplish? Get at least 1-3 must-haves in there.  You can have tiger time in your business also so that you have consistency and time set aside for work.  I had to slow down to speed up to where I am right now. It wasn’t like tiger time just happened. It didn’t work that way. It was really about being sick of not getting done what I wanted to get done!

What are the things you are trying to get done and what are the things that you are tripping you up?
This may have to start with a time audit and see where you are spending your time in the day.  Be honest with yourself. Are there things I need to stop doing straight up? Why am I doing this stuff?  What can you delegate to someone else to help get that stuff off your tasks for the day?  So many of us just do,do, do and give everything of ourselves and by the time we get time for ourselves, we just can’t take it. So, take it!

With this tiger time. What are you trying to accomplish? That is step 1… this is where a lot of us miss the mark! Then when we decide what we want, we have to put some tactics behind it.  No one wants to work out 7 days a week. Life is life and 7 days is going to not work.  Let’s take a look at something I talk about a lot and implement which is “Good, Better, Best.”  What makes a good workout?  What makes a better workout?  What makes the best workout?   The same goes for our nutrition.  It’s not always about cutting things out, it is also about adding. What can we add to our diet? Can we add more vegetables, or can we add more protein?

We need to start coming up with these little benchmarks that we can easily achieve and look back and say wow, I am crushing it right now!  I am blocking these things out on my calendar.  I am getting things done.  I am stepping away from the stress and overwhelm because I am giving myself permission to take this time and block out this time.

Ask yourself. What can be your tiger time? If you can’t figure this out for yourself, give me a shout!!!!  You can find me on all the socials, and I am easily found!!!  Come reach out and let me help you with this!

Let’s set some next actions so this can be the year that you can say you are going to CRUSH IT!!!!


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