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Discover The Secrets To Healing Metabolic Damage

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This conversation between Coach Kim Barnes Jefferson and Natalie Newhart is one that will hopefully inspire you to let go of the habit of overtraining and if you feel like it’s something that you want to stop doing but just don’t know how.

This conversation will help you understand how you can turn it around and have the healthy life you desire.

Their conversation will show you:

  • How Natalie got started in CrossFit
  • Her journey through qualifying for the CrossFit Games
  • The bad advice that got her disqualified
  • Not being able to stop the bingeing
  • Why it sometimes takes a change in environment
  • How she learned how to break up with the exercise more and eat less model
  • Her journey back from adrenal fatigue, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • The opportunity of rest days
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