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Do I have to count calories to lose weight’

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It’s not about a good food bad food list or eating 5 meals to stoke your metabolism but more about eating till you feel satisfied and satiated.

If you haven’t read that blog, please go back and do that now.

When I first started coaching, in was common practice to just hand out meal plans. You had them based-on calories, weight loss and muscle building. They were all about 12 weeks and this plan or die!

Now raise your hand if you did this. Now raise your hand if followed this until you would stick with a meal plan until you wanted to cheat on it’

I started to think to myself. I need to help women learn how to eat so that you’re not always getting caught up in looking for the good food bad food list. So that they are able to break from being a desperate dieter who thinks that the only way to lose weight is to find the perfect meal plan, however, how often have you fallen off track with said meal plan. When you do, you are then off to the races trying to find another meal plan to save you from yourself’ Yeah, that was me. I thought that that’s all I had to do.

Follow a meal plan till the day you died!

Are you anything like me and could always find a way to always cheat on it or justify a cheat and say it’s this one time and you’ll get right back and then weeks fly by and you are still on said diet break! .

That is why today, while I’m sharing with you what the fuck to eat, I want you to know that it’s all about nailing the basics. When we learn the basics, think about math’ We all know that one plus one equals two. And we always can go back to that no matter how advanced math gets, we all know that one plus one equals two. And that’s what today is all about. Let me just start with the basics.

So many of you want to sprint, like you are an Olympian before you learn to walk. For those of you who are parents, your kids, when they learned to walk, they fumbled, pull themselves up a few times went back and forth for a while. As your kids were going through this, you didn’t rush them or judge them. You let them work it out on their own timeline.

Don’t fear being a beginner’ It’s okay, everybody was once a beginner including me. you’re going to shift the focus so that we’re no longer overwhelmed. And you’re going to focus on doing what feels easy right now vs always choosing the hard path. .

It’s all about taking responsibility for your choices. And breaking up with that perfectionism. So that you can focus on what I call good, better best. At any moment in time, there is a best choice, a better choice and a good choice. And I’m going to live with those things. You know, if I’m at a pub, I’m going to choose the best choice that I can to honor my health or be comfortable that I chose to have the burger and fries and a beer.’ It is what it is, and I’m going to move on. There’s no thought of, oh, I got to go to the gym and burn this off or do 5 million squats.

No, it’s like I’m owning my shit. I’m owning my choices. The second piece here is that I want you to really look at your liquid intake, you know, what are the beverages that you’re taking it’

Are you downing fancy venti coffee drinks’ What about kombucha and green juices all those things add up over time as far as calories are concerned’ In the #foreverfatloss course I go into greater detail. I share with you how to calculate your calories. I also talk that calories aren’t about set it and forget it., Calories are can get nuanced.

In the Fit Girl Magic Society, I regularly work with my clients to retool their calories, so they are always eating optimally.

In the society, we are regularly looking at how their body responds to them’ I know that many of you think that all you need to do is calculate your calories and/or macros one time and your good to go. I’m ready to rock roll.

Once you calculate I’m asking questions, how is your hunger when I eat the number of calories I calculated’
Am I still frickin hungry’ How is my energy and how are my cravings’ Because you learned how to calculate your calories you are no longer following some rando on the internet that tells you should eat 1200 1300, 1500, 500 calories. It’s you saying okay, this is me. I know where I want to go, and this is what I want to do. So let me just wrap this up here.

There’s gonna be two schools of thought after hearing this, right’

Calories really don’t count as long as I’m eating good whole foods. Well, let me tell you that they do. Think of calories like your bank account, right’ Is your account set up so that you get a text message anytime something comes out of their bank account’ That’s the same thing when it comes to calories. Now, I’m not asking for you to track for the rest of your natural born life, I encourage the members of the Fit Girl Magic Society every now and then to track calories, when your weight starts to creep back up, when the body composition start to change. It’s your way of doing a check and balance to see what’s going on.

It’s really easy for what you ?think is a tablespoon? but it could be more like 2-3 tablespoons.
It’s taking an inventory of what’s going on’ What am I eating’ What am I drinking’ Am I above my caloric level am I below and then I can start to make some smarter decisions’

Today’s homework is all about calculating your calories. Grab the #foreverfatloss Mini Course and I will walk you through how to do this.

If you are thinking to yourself, that it seems like too much of a pain in the ass to figure out your calories. I get that. But let me ask you. Do you want to continue to spin your wheels ‘ Or do you want to start focusing on your food bank account so that you can finally get to the place where you want to be with your forever fatloss’


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