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Do You Even Know What Makes You Happy’

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Last week I was listening to a podcast and it was talking about how as women we have lost touch with what gives us pleasure.

The guest asked the host what gives her pleasure and she was stumped.

Guess what — so was I …. I literally was like WTF makes me happy!

As I sit here in living the Flip Flop Life — with my toes literally in the sand, I came up with this list.

So… in no order, here are 50 things that bring me pleasure. 😍 I’d love to hear what gives you pleasure — leave me a comment below.

Freshly washed sheets
The smell of swifter wipes 
Bananas that are not to ripe and not to sweet — yes it can have brown spots =) πŸŒ
True crime 
COFFEE with cream and sugar! β˜•οΈ
Sunsets πŸŒ…
Walks on the beach πŸ–
Flip flops πŸ‘£
A cold glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc πŸ·
Traveling βœˆοΈ
A good workout πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ
Ice cream πŸ¦
Warm apple pie πŸ₯§
Warm sun on my face πŸ˜Ž
Infrared saunas 
Morning journaling 
Hearing my feet crunching on snow 
Good conversations
Teaching classes 
Coaching my clients 
Checking stuff off my to do list 
Doing something that I didn’t think I could 
The smell of cut grass 
A shower after a sweaty workout πŸšΏ
Watching a funny movie πŸ“½
Making others laugh πŸ˜‚
My morning walks along the Charles River 
Conversations with my husband β€οΈ
Finding money πŸ’°
Hearing one of my favorite songs out of the blue πŸŽ§
A great parking spot (I live in the city) 
People watching 
Drying off with a warm towel 
Sitting on a deck over looking to water 
Old school hip hop 
Finishing what I started
Laying in bed πŸ›Œ
Fall colors πŸ‚
Pumpkin spice ANYTHING πŸŽƒ
Hallmark Christmas movies πŸŽ„
Lazy weekend days 
Hanging with old friends you haven’t seen in a while
Fresh popped corn
The smell of a bbq 
When a pair of jeans you haven’t worn fit!
Tootsie rolls 
Good chocolate 
Warm cookies 
Looking at the stars 
A massage

As I wrote this list I realized the pleasure is a muscle that doesn’t get worked.It’s a habit that we’d love to ignore to stay busy!

Is pleasure a habit you’d like to bring into your life’

I’m hosting a 5-day Habit challenge that will be starting on April 22nd – want in’ join Here.


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