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Do You Need A Great Workout Playlist

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On this week’s Fit Girl Magic podcast, I had the opportunity to speak with Russell Greene, the mastermind behind Fit Radio, a groundbreaking music app that’s reshaping the way we work out! 


In this week’s show, we’re diving headfirst into the Fit Radio’s radio. Russell shares how this app has evolved to cater to the unique needs of fitness fanatics. He holds nothing back as he shares his rollercoaster ride as an entrepreneur, shedding light on his unwavering passion for enhancing workouts with the perfect rhythm and tempo.

Get ready to supercharge your fitness experience as we explore the magic of syncing your run to the beat and how Fit Radio expertly crafts the ultimate workout playlists that match your style and pace.

Russell unveils some jaw-dropping features of the Fit Radio app! Imagine editing music and creating epic hour-long fitness playlists for an unbeatable multimedia workout adventure. He also shares groundbreaking collaborations with top-notch instructors, DJs, and even Orange Theory Fitness to cater to diverse fitness demographics.

Russell will take us on a personal journey through his ‘AHA’ moments and his time at Gold’s Gym, where his love for fitness and music ignited. We’ll rewind to the early days of Fit Radio, from burning CDs to conquering the challenges of crafting the ultimate iTunes playlists.

Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform and be sure to try Fit Radio’s free trial for a workout experience like no other. Let the rhythm guide your run, and let’s get moving!

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