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Do you want a guilt-free summer?

We all have those seasons that throw us for a loop!  And SUMMER is one of those seasons!  Things can get busy, kids are home, you are working, you’re going on vacations, driving kids to camps, and so on and so forth! I get it you’re busy, so let’s take a look at summer and see how you can make it more fluid! Every 90 days you can evaluate where you are, look at it by season! So, as you go into summer, let’s look at it as the start of the next round of 90 days. 


Where many of our expectations fall short is that you tell yourself how it has to look. It has to look a certain way, how Sharon did it, how Susan did it and Lori did it! But you are you! When I stopped chasing what other people were doing, I found my stride!  So, let’s find YOUR stride and talk about how you can have a guilt-free summer!  Let’s spend the next 12 weeks not obsessing about eating and not obsessing about my workouts!

Ladies, I can’t tell you how many summers I spent anxiety-ridden and not doing anything guilt-free.  I let food control me.  I was so afraid of food.  One little slip-up and I was off the rails because I was holding on too damn tight.  Then one day I got sick of my own shit, and I didn’t want to be that girl anymore!  I now know that one off track meal isn’t going to cause me to spiral, and I want that for you.

As you get into the summer, know that it can be a busy time that you could be shuttling your kids from one place to the next.  Map out what summer is going to look like for you, so you do not have to keep up with the same routine.  If you know you will be traveling more and your regular routine will be disrupted, then this is where I am going to say, “Hey.. What looks realistic for you?”.  Build things around this! How can I create a realistic goal?

Go with the good, better, best method I am always talking about!  Look at this when it comes to working out.  What do your summer months look like? And know that this can look different than non-summer months!  What would my workout look like with these realistic expectations?  What do my workouts look like? What is the bare minimum for food?

And this all comes down to our non-negotiables. It’s really easy to get lost in the days.  We wake up and all of a sudden, it’s 4pm.  This is where you have to have some structure.  Every day you have a little something you look forward to!

Don’t be afraid to eat out and share meals! Eat out and enjoy it. It’s okay to share a meal when you go out! But enjoy it and just stick with those non negotiables to balance everything out.

Make healthy choices.
Back to the good, better and best.  You don’t have to throw good eating habits out the window, but you can make some trade-offs! I want that yummy appetizer or entree, can I have it all? If you decide you can have it all, make that decision and move on! Eat until you’re full and be okay with it. It’s okay if you leave some food behind!

I am never that coach that will say why are you drinking that booze? Instead, make a choice.  I am going out; I am only having 2 glasses of wine or I am going out and I am going to have no drinks.  Decide what that looks like for you and cut yourself off at that second drink.  Have a wine spritzer and focus on distilled beverages vs fruity, tropical, and blended drinks!

Be prepared and plan ahead.
When you’re out or on vacation, do your best to pack a good cooler full of food.  And this doesn’t have to be week’s worth of food. What are the foods you can bring for a road trip, or to the beach or lake for the day? What are things you can pack in there? Healthy sandwich, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, protein shake, bars and water!  Do this so that you know you can make better choices instead of pulling over to a rest stop and grabbing junk!

Summer is all about planning ahead.  I have to look at my week ahead of time so that I know what I am doing this week, or the week ahead. You are going away for the week, am I going out to dinner every night? Am I looking forward to someplace? What are the things in your week that you may be looking forward to?  Create a fun budget that you will spend on that particular meal.  How can I incorporate more of this fun? Is there a farmers’ market near where you are traveling to get fresh fruits and vegetables for the week?

While I am on vacation, it’s not all about sticking to your diet 100%! But it’s also not throwing it out the window!  How do you do your best to balance this without making yourself crazy or making those around me crazy? Be choosy about what you are going to do!

When it comes to exercise, think about exercising half the days you are away.  If I am on vacation or at a hotel, I am at a beach house. I do my best to stick to my schedule, but I am also sometimes with friends and don’t want to be the girl to get up at 5am and make sure I get my workout in to earn my free time. Make it a goal to workout at least half the days you are away; A run, a walk, rent a bike paddle board, kayak, etc. Aim for 5,000 to 10,000 steps every single day! There are so many ways to get a workout now and in my Fit Girl Magic Society, I make sure that the workouts I give my girls can be easily adapted.

As you start to think about summer, I really want you to say, how do I want my summer to go down? When I know what I want for my summer, then I can set my expectations accordingly.  Don’t expect your summer to look exactly like your winter.  Maybe you have all the time in the winter, but summer is a different story.  Determine what your choices are. What are your choices for food and workouts and how are you going to make that work for you?

Your motivation is your why…
From May 1st to September 1st. What do I want?  Do you want to enjoy your summer without feeling guilty?  Do you want to enjoy your summer without stress and anxiety about what you are eating? Then get creative!  It may not be 4 cycle classes a week, maybe it’s only 1 a month and be okay with it.  Maybe your workouts are you and a video!
Maybe it’s you and dumbbells at home!  Think outside the box! Come up with your own non-negotiable and stick to them!

That is the piece that everyone is missing! How do I just keep going even when it doesn’t look like it is working?  How do I keep going if I am not nailing this every single time, I do this?  How do I add on to what I am doing? Am I changing things? It’s a puzzle and it’s ok!

I want to tell you I am not doing this alone, and I don’t want you to feel like you are doing it alone.  This summer I am creating a consistency challenge so you can say, “How can I be more consistent, so you aren’t chasing said diet!” I want you to be so accountable for yourself so that next summer you are not like, “Oh summer fuck it! I’ll wait till fall!”

You are going to be so consistent that you won’t even recognize yourself after this challenge is over!! If this sounds good, do me a favor and click the link below to join us!!


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5 Days To Consistency challenge – This 5-Day challenge will help you create a personalized plan and develop habits for long-term success in just 5 days.


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