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Do You Need A Health Reset?

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This time of the year is a perfect time to talk about the year as it comes to a close.  My motto is always reset not resolutions! I see it regularly, that first full week of January, people coming into the gym like, “Yeahhhh, let us get this party started.” and they go hard! Then, by the end of January, the first wave of people starts to fall off.  Then…. the next wave of people fall off.  And by president’s weekend in February, the resolutions are gone, BYE!  There are a few that stick around and say, “Yes, this feels good.” So, I want you to start thinking if that is you. Do you go hard, balls to the wall, and can’t sustain it?

This is where I want you to come to what is realistic!  It’s those huge, big sprints to get this commanding lead that always keeps us from seeing the resolution to completion.
Let’s start to think about how we can do this with a strategy! I see so many people that pull all these things together and get disappointed that it’s not working. Instead, we need to take it slow.

First, ask these hard questions.  I call it She – E – O Day. 
Sit down.  It’s okay to slow down.  It’s okay to press the pause button.  Where are you trying to go so that you sit down and create a road map?  Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there?  Give yourself a good 30 minutes to an hour to just sit and ask yourself questions. You need to ask ourselves these questions so we can go in and you are not feeling disappointed.

Why are you in need of this reset?
What is going on? Observe.  What am I doing? That way I can assess, I am on the right track.  Step back and think about what am I trying to achieve? What am I currently doing? What needs to change in order for me to get me to get to where I want to go? Create my action plan and repeat and keep repeating until I get what I want.  What are the areas that are most important to you? If we are talking about health, work, money, family, self-care, and mental health, where would I rank those?  Start with what feels easy.

And when you do this, you will feel like a winner, and it will start to open your eyes to possibilities!  Here is where if you start with something easy, you are thinking, “OKAY, I was able to do that, I feel good!” Then you start to think, “I did this because….” And you become more expansive in your thinking vs the rigid thinking of it has to be this way!  You decide which way makes the most sense for you.  If I split my time, it’s really hard to focus and track progress.  Work on no more than 1-3 things at a time.  We have to know our season. Because we all have these seasons that are busier than others.

Are my goals the same?
Am I trying to achieve the same thing? Are they shifted?  Do they need to shift? Ask yourself these questions.  Do my goals feel realistic? This is where we go over our REPS formula!

Are my goals REALISTIC?  When they are realistic, I am clear about where it is I am trying to go, and I am clear on the choices that I need to make in order to get there.
When my goals are not realistic, that is when it gets challenging. Look at your food, workout, are you sleeping, are you stressed, is it a good time of year for you?

Are you EXCITED? If I am not excited about what I am doing, then I am done. I need to be excited because I need to connect. This right here is my WHY! You WHY is your motivation.  Is this getting me closer to my goal? If I am excited, I get creative!

We have to have a PLAN. So many of us wing it. Winging it doesn’t work. Take it from me, I am a recovering winger. When you wing it, that is when things get away from you and you don’t get to what you want to do. Let’s look at the “If, Then” concept.  – If my boss hands me work at 5 pm and I was going to go to gym at 6 pm. THEN I am going to go to the gym on Saturday.  That is part of the plan.

There are 2 ways to make a plan that works. You can sit down and make a plan for the week. Or you can sit down the day before and make a plan for that next day. The plan doesn’t have to be a fancy thing either.  Keep it simple with food, workout schedules, etc. Have the courage to accept a different plan than we are used to.  We have to expand our horizons.  This is what I want, this is what I am doing. Is it getting me to where I want to go? Change is okay!  Experiment with the change. You can always go back to what you are doing if that experiment doesn’t work.

Is this SUSTAINABLE? That is where I am always trying to get my clients to be in that sustainable place so that we have consistency! That is the holy grail!  The middle ground between restrictions and overindulging constantly.  The sustainability zone!

That is where I want my clients to live and thrive!  That is where the Fit Girl Magic comes from.  Great strong habits I can always come back to because I have great routines.  I have consistency. And NOW I have long lasting results. It is a matter of rinse and repeat!!!

I love this rinse and repeat zone so that way we are doing this all over and over again.
Then we are not disappointed, we are not frustrated!! Stop setting the bar so high, then you won’t be disappointed.
It is one step at a time, a little at a time until you get to a place you want to be.  Take a big giant step back and say where is it I want to go? Observe where you are, assess what may need to be changed to get to where you want to go, and create an experiment.

That way we are creating a reset VS a resolution!!!!!!


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