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Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Achieving Greatness

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To achieve greatness, you have to be willing to improve yourself. You must be willing to expand what you know and think and be willing to have and try new things to get better. This will challenge you and you must be willing to take reasonable risks, and step outside of your “comfort zone.” Learning new stuff can totally be scary. Here is where you ask yourself do you fear it more than you want.

Comfort zones are great places they are like that old worn sweatshirt that you just cant’ seem to get rid of because it feels to damn good. That is how we are with our lives. We go to the same stores, do the same workouts, eat the same foods all because we familiar with them. It’s the brave few who want to unleash the powerful women they exist deep down inside of you.

Few people ever venture outside of their comfort zone and try something new, handle new, etc. for a few reasons.
🔶 fear they suck, they won’t be perfect.
🔶 embarrassment or pride because other people may see you struggle trying to make this change.
🔶 fear ridicule as they struggle with this new change

These fears are strong; it’s our minds trying to keep us safe. Fear has two meaning False Evidence Appearing Real or Face Everything And Rise.
The pull to achieving the greatness you know that is inside of you needs to be greater than your fear of sucking, pride and ridicule so you can rise to new challenges and be that strong powerful women you know is hiding inside of you.

Here are some ways I know how to face your fears

1️⃣ Take a deep breath and say you aren’t going to do it even if you aren’t perfect. You will just do your best.
2️⃣ Set a goal for your new skill. I’m a big fan of setting goals for 30, 60 and 90 days. It could be that for the next 30 days you are going to drink 1 more glass of water each day till you reach 1 gallon of water. In 60 days you will be able to do 10 pushups from your toes In 90 days you will have a bedtime ritual so that you aren’t dragging ass and living on caffeine and sugar.
3️⃣ Make it a game. I like to call it don’t break the streak. When Jerry Seinfeld first started out he challenged himself to write a joke everyday.
I bought a calendar and a red marker and put the red X everyday he wrote a joke. It became a game to not break the streak. Do the same thing.

At the end of the day I challenge you to be willing to overcome the fear and challenge yourself with new tasks and challenges that get you out of your “comfort zone,” you can grow as an individual and achieve the greatness you are capable and deserve to achieve.


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